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I apologize for the late response! I didn't realize our page got additional comments.

The green chair is from Walmart - they have a ton of fun colors.

The desk is from Kmart or Walmart, I can't remember exactly which one anymore, but it came in a darker espresso finish as well. The orange boxes are from Ikea.

The beach print is from this Etsy seller here:

The framed pieces above the TV are all from All frames are from Ikea.

Thanks again everyone!

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12/24/12 12:28 PM

@TrishH, thanks! They are Ikea PS metal cabinet/lockers. I think they also come in red.

Masha's Color & Pattern Small Cool Contest
4/26/12 02:56 PM

@Tracy333, thank you! I bought the yellow lamp several years ago at a small boutique.

@dusty3863, thanks! Yes, they are posters. I got them from The frames are from Ikea.

Thanks @ProfKD, the green actually wasn't my first choice, but it was the only discounted color at the time....I've really grown to love it though. Haha, our cat was already fed at that point...just asking for seconds, as usual!

And thank you everyone for all the kind comments!

Masha's Color & Pattern Small Cool Contest
4/26/12 09:07 AM

@ Sgt. Pepper, thank you! I bought the yellow lamp several years ago at a boutique that was going out of business, so sad for them, but that meant I got it at a great price!

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4/25/12 04:49 PM

Hi everyone! Thank you so much for all the nice comments - it has made my day!!!

Actually, the desk is in our bedroom....I couldn't get the best shot of our room though (only thing I didn't show was our dresser and bed), so left it out.

@srivi, @AzureSong is right, the couch is from Ikea. We just moved into this bigger space, so it's our old Karlstad loveseat paired with a Karlstad chaise.

@tinos, I guess I didn't make it clear in my entry, but I don't live in this space alone. I share the apartment with my boyfriend (who is not a grad student) and two fat and happy cats. Also, location, location, location....we definitely don't live in the most desirable part of town. Pretty far north actually!

@OwlgirlO, the view is nothing exciting! We look into other people's apartments. The windows do let in nice sunlight though.

@mskarilynn, thanks for your comment, yes, we don't spend that much time watching TV, but a big TV just also wasn't in my budget.

@petitesuissesse, @summerkitten was right. It's a vertical bookshelf. We got ours from overstock. It's a great space saver!

@shoffelt, our living room rug is from Home Decorators Collection. Here is the link: Sign up for their emails - we got ours @ 20% off + free shipping, so it was worth it to wait!

@ Shanooshi, totally agree and ideally that's what I would have gotten, but the next size up was out of our budget, it was almost double what we paid, despite the discount.

@wendym1, haha, thank you!

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4/25/12 04:38 PM