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I'm not usually on board with the people screaming "I like the before! How dare you paint your own property! Wood is sacred!" etc., but the before lamp really spoke to me! It was so cute! The after does look nice, too, and if I hadn't seen the before picture, I'd probably like it just fine. If you love it, it was a good decision for you. :-)

The Power Of Paint:
My Lamp Before & After

9/25/12 02:52 PM

Hmm, maybe a more apt description would be "how to set up your shower curtain" or something. :-) I bought those exact shower curtain hooks on at your suggestion, Maxwell, and I love them to death...well, as much as one can love 12 super-functional metal hooks. Thanks!

The Good Home with Maxwell:
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9/24/12 11:47 PM

Grant and Mark: you are my design soulmates! I want to live in your house! I'll just be in one of your kitchen cupboards - it won't be weird, I swear! :-)

Grant & Mark Transform a Neglected House House Tour
9/21/12 11:51 PM

I just have to ask about your baby's name - is it short for something, or are you just going with Iggy? I think it's so cute!

Baby Iggy's Groovy Sci-Fi Room My Room
9/14/12 03:09 PM

I agree with MELISSAPAULINE that the housesitting suggestions seem like a bit much. A meal, flowers, stocked fridge, and a gift? If someone did that for me I'd think they were in love with me.

How To Be the Guest That Gets
Invited Back

8/1/12 01:41 PM

I LOOOVE "Sweet Vibrations." "Dill Pickle" looks watered-down in comparison, in my book.

Help Me Choose the Right Color:
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7/24/12 10:07 PM