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Learning to use my freezer more and cooking food in advance. I used to throw parties for 20-30 people and would cook EVERYTHING the day of the party. I was exhausted. Rookie mistakes! Over the years I've learned there's very little that can't be frozen or made a day or two in advance, with final assembling and finishing touches done the day of the party.

What Was Your Game-Changer of a Cooking Discovery? Reader Intelligence Request
6/24/14 09:38 AM

Those Mozo Fab shoes are really cute. I did a quick google search but was only able to find a handful of reviews. Has anyone tried these? Are they good for standing for long hours?

What's Making Us Happy This Week Editor Picks For May 20
5/20/14 10:25 AM

Pioneer Woman makes a great spicy Dr. Pepper pulled pork.


What Can I Do With Leftover Soda (Besides Drink It)? Good Questions
5/13/14 03:01 PM

Try adding a splach of worchestershire sauce to the olive oil. It adds great flavor to the asparagas.

How To Cook Asparagus in the Oven Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
4/22/14 11:46 AM

I also add a whole hardboiled egg (yolk and whites) to the yolk filling. (Credit goes to Paula Dean). It helps ensure your egg is filled full. Works great!

How To Make Deviled Eggs Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
4/16/14 11:10 AM

I found some glass containers at Target that are screw top and similar to those in the picture. I didn't see those online anymore but I did see these. If you look in the reviews several say how great they are for storing flour and sugar.


Affordable, Non-Plastic Containers for Storing Flour & Sugar? Good Questions
4/15/14 03:36 PM

I must be stuck in the 80s! I love so many of these dishes. Baked brie is one of my go to apps and I just made poppyseed dressing last week!

The Most Under-Appreciated Recipes of the 1980s: Food Writers Share Their Secret Favorites Recipes of the Decades
2/26/14 03:54 PM

Double chocolate cookies made with cocoa, chocolate chips, toasted walnuts and heath bar crumbles. Although I'm not a big fan of chocolate I had made these for a party. They were so unexpectedly good. I couldn't stop eating them. I think what made these a best was the fact that I loved something that I normally don't enjoy that much.

Our Favorite Things We Made in 2013
1/1/14 01:10 PM

I admit, I did get a good laugh. But the comments to her tweet are just terrible. Why do people have to tear down others to make themselves feel good?

Martha Stewart Takes Unappealing Food Photos Just Like Everyone Else
11/19/13 05:06 PM

I once read (on here I think!) that you can use a shower cap to easily cover your smoke alarms. This won't help with ventilation but should keep your fire alarms from going off.

How Can I Sear Meat in My Poorly Ventilated Kitchen? Good Questions
10/29/13 10:08 AM

Genius! I love this website for posts just like this!

The Best Way to Keep Guacamole Green Tips from The Kitchn
8/14/13 01:21 PM

Hilarious! My favorite is the Beyonce Put a Ring on It video!

10 Crazy Food Vines You Need to See Video
8/14/13 01:20 PM

I occasionally travel to Monroe, LA for work. One of my favorite restaurants there, Cotton, has a bourbon & bitters drink that is served under a dome filled with cherry wood smoke. It is to die for! I have to concentrate really hard not to gulp the whole thing down in one drink!

Yes, Smoked Cocktails Involve Real Smoke. Here's How to Make One at Home.
4/30/13 04:12 PM

These look amazing! Can't wait to try the jalapeno popper grilled cheese and the Vietnamese grilled chicken sandwich!

Love the creative sandwich ideas! This will help me get out of my sandwich rut!

Hot and Melty: 10 Delicious Grilled Sandwich Recipes
3/11/13 11:42 AM

The timetable was my suggestion too. I used to be a crazy mess gettiing things prepared the day of a party. The more parties I throw the more I learn I can push things to the days in advance. Some of the cooking of course, but also some of the little things that take don't take much time but can add up when combined, such as setting out cutlery, napkins, table cloths, portable tables, coolers, etc. All of that is done days in advance now.

Great suggestion for the kids meals! That can go for the adult meals too!

Party Tip: How to Manage Your Time Like a Pro on Party Day
12/29/12 10:05 PM

These buttermints bring back such good memories. I remember my grandma always having them around when I was a kid. I just made them. They still need the 24 hours to air dry but as of right now they taste delicious. The recipe called for rolling the dough into a log but my dough wasn't cooperating so I rolled it out with a rolling pin and cut it with a pastry scraper. It was super quick and easy. I will definitely make these again!

Candies for Christmas: 2 Quick, Easy Gifts from Liddabit Sweets
12/16/12 03:32 PM

I love almond extract. The smallest amount can really make a big difference. I use it in various cookies quite often. I also typically add 1/4 tsp to rice krispies. It really makes them stand out.

Holiday Baking Essential: Almond Extract Ingredient Spotlight
11/12/12 10:11 AM

If you don't like eating then why are you blogging on a food website?

The Best Healthy Snack for Hot Days
6/28/12 08:46 PM

Im making a ton of things i found on this sight! Strawberry basil soda - it's fantastic; home made cheese crackers - delicious with red wine; roasted rhubarb clafoutis - yum! Cornmeal lime cookies - making these today; home made pizza dough for BBQ chicken pizza and margarita pizza. Making the bbq pizza on the grill and baking the margarita pizza on a pizza stone in the oven. Can't wait!

What's Cooking This Weekend? Weekend of May 12-13, 2012
5/13/12 08:58 AM

I checked other - for mother's day I would like another baby :)

2nd Annual Mother's Day Gift Survey
5/2/12 05:53 PM