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While Chrome does make good bags I would check out Mission Workshop. I would pick them over Chrome at the moment.

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5/20/13 09:21 AM

Interesting. Have you used Sparrow at all?

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2/21/13 05:47 PM

I don't see how everything is safe and sound. It looks like the phone is just leaning up against the wall...

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2/19/13 11:32 PM

How thick is that Moshi case? It doesn't clearly say on the website,,,

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Clean, Pristine, and Protected

11/19/12 08:52 PM

Williansweyr What was the issue with tracked cat litter? I'm looking into getting a Roomba for the sole reason of picking up after my cat (hair and litter).

Robots at Home: Affordable Alternatives for Your Own NASA Curiosity Rover
8/10/12 10:53 PM

Do you need one of their cases for the phone to sit correctly?

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4/12/12 09:59 PM