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@Sam I Am: Go Missoula! Pretty amazing find, right? I couldn't believe it hadn't been snatched up (and I think it was only $40, which is kind of crazy since everything at that shop tends to be over-priced).

Living Inside the Vitsoe LA Showroom
4/13/12 02:25 PM

@summilux35: I know, I've been steeling myself for people to start yelling about how much they hate color-coordinated bookshelves, BUT, this is how I've always organized my bookshelves, always always. It's too difficult to sort by author without invariably running out of room. And I know where every single book is by its spine.

As for the records, Rob just let me have at it to be indulgent. (Everything is organized by color, including my closet.) BUT, he had no system, so he can't complain. Plus I found all of his orphaned records in the process, so that had to be a boon.

Living Inside the Vitsoe LA Showroom
4/13/12 02:24 PM

@SamIAm: It's Elise here–I'm from Missoula! We found that in the ramshackle antique mall near the train station last summer.

Living Inside the Vitsoe LA Showroom
4/12/12 05:52 PM