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The vanity is fantastic - but definitely ditch the top.

Silestone is pricey for such a small chunk, I'd stick with a laminate, but go for a super high gloss white like Formica 949-90 with a simple square edge.

If you pick handles for the vanity that echo the faucet I think you can really make it look fantastic.

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5/13/09 05:06 PM

It reminds me of how my industrial design prof started her lecture about seating, "There are many ways to hold someone 18 inches off the floor..."

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1/29/09 08:04 PM

I had a banner that we used to make a waterslide out of. The vinyl was pretty thick, we tied it to several trees in a roughly diagonal way, poured water down from the top and sort of slid down. It worked until our weight ripped out the ripped the tarp apart.

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1/8/09 12:56 AM

Does anyone know where those stacking chairs in the first picture came from?

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11/3/08 05:48 PM

I'd mix it up, and change the insert depending on my mood.

For instance, if I had it right now I'd have a little painting I did of a fire cut to fit into it.

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6/27/08 08:09 PM


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5/20/08 11:34 AM

Measure carefully then try: http://www.leevalley.com/hardware/page.aspx?c=1&p=58141&cat=3,43520,43564&ap=1 It looks like there a few low profile handles that might work in your situation. You might even consider changing the other appliance handles to match.

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5/7/08 03:57 PM

Anyone know what house that is in the Saarinen picture? Is it one of his?

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2/18/08 11:46 AM

Living in a bilingual french/english town in Canada, its a pretty clear division between the English speakers saying eye-kee-ah and the French speakers saying eee-kay-ah.

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12/18/07 10:03 AM

I saw this at a friend's place, so it is definitely available in North America, I'm just not sure where from.

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12/13/07 06:10 PM

This reminds me of a piece done by one of my favorite artists. The gallery director was retiring and they decided to commission Adrian Gollner to do his portrait. He decided the post-it notes would be appropriate considering the office environment.

http://adriangollner.ca/pancho.html (Scroll down to the bottom.)

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4/24/07 05:16 PM

This site is very good and informative about the details of buying the proper size and an energy efficient air conditioner: http://oee.nrcan.gc.ca/equipment/english/page39.cfm?attr=4

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4/24/07 05:06 PM


I watched the PBS episode with Andrea Zittel a little while ago and fell in love with her installations. Beyond art she has some stunning ideas with making the best out of small spaces, ie. the table/lounge/desk piece of furniture.

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