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It also looks like there are a few votes for my blog, Radical Possibility, under the name "Danielle", which I think was probably just an error on filling out the form!

Nominate Your Favorite Home Projects & DIY Blogs for The Homies Awards The Homies 2014
2/21/14 02:29 PM

I love using piping, its always so much cheaper and i love the way it looks! We needed an 11-foot shower curtain rod, which was impossible to find and all the ones that came close were in the hundreds of dollars. We ended up using pipe, which cost about $10!

I loved it so much, we ended up using the leftovers to do a tiny apartment, wall mounted version of the ubiquitous pipe clothing rack!

Spice Up Your Decor at the Hardware Store: 5 Great Projects Made from Simple Supplies
1/23/14 12:40 PM

This is absolutely one of my favorite tours you guys have ever done. It is such a happy, unique space but is still stylish and thoughtful. The living room color / curtains are my favorite part. All so lovely!

Amy's Vintage Jewel Tone Apartment House Tour
12/12/13 04:19 PM

When AT came to shoot our house tour, I warned the photographer about two things:

1.) We live in a rental, and the kitchen is the worst, Dingy tiles, cabinets that are literally falling off the walls in some places. We aren't big cooks, and the apartment is VERY cheap, so we let it fly, haha but it didn't need to go on the internet.

2.) Our apartment tour happened only a few months after we moved in together, and we were still in the "Stuff Combining Phase", so our guest room closet was literally stacked to the ceiling with unsorted crap that didn't have a home anywhere else, not unlike the Monica closet on friends.

What Is Your Biggest Home \"Embarrassment\"?
10/14/13 02:17 PM

i love sharing with houseguests! it just feels very cozy and its fun to wake up together. we have a guest room now, and I kind of miss the slumber-party feel of sharing a room.

then again, it depends on the houseguest. old college roommate? lets get cozy. in laws? the couch is quite comfy.

The Very Welcoming Host: Do You Let Platonic Houseguests Share Your Bed?
10/7/13 12:43 PM

i think this is a great solution! the stone before is not my style at all, and looks dated and heavy. as far as the modern fireplace with the wood next to it, i think it works. one modern piece does not mean that everything else in the home has to be overly modern too! more than anything, it also looks like it now suits your lifestyle, rather than just being a bulky eyesore that serves no purpose.

Before & After: A Funky Fireplace Gets a Facelift
9/12/13 01:24 PM

That's a great impact for not having to do a total reno!

Before & After: Breakfast Gets Brighter in Jonathan's New Kitchen
9/5/13 01:03 PM

i agree that a back connector would make it look a little more intentional, but it is a very clever project, and looks like it was well done!

Before & After: Emily's Crafty Chair Project
9/3/13 11:13 AM

ha! i was reading Project Palermo the other day thinking about what a great house tour it would be! It is an amazing blog, and obviously an incredible space. Congrats guys!

Marti & Jarrod's Graphic Modern Home House Tour
8/27/13 01:51 PM

Its from Modern Girl Blitz!

And Lucille sends her love right back :)

Meg & Andy's Radical Possibilities House Tour
5/16/13 12:33 AM

unless you mean the captains chairs, and those are from craigslist!

Meg & Andy's Radical Possibilities House Tour
5/13/13 05:07 PM

Yes, I LOVE Row Boat press! I think I actually picked it up from Renegade four or five years ago!

I think Luce would LOVE Jack!! She likes to get attention from owners more than play with other dogs though, haha so be prepared for that :)

There is a printable of the LCD bathroom print! -

And the black skull is from the Target dollar section at halloween!!

Meg & Andy's Radical Possibilities House Tour
5/13/13 04:58 PM

They are from Ikea!

Meg & Andy's Radical Possibilities House Tour
5/13/13 04:54 PM

I love the after! Though I think I would have preferred it if they did something to those legs too, to hide the awful shape of that chair. Maybe mod-podging some kind of chevron scrapbook paper to add a pop of color? Or maybe spray painting it teal? Heck, I'd even try and remove those legs all together and try to make new ones out of pallets, to be honest.

Before & After:
A Bertoia Chair, from Cold to Cuddly

4/1/13 11:34 AM

I LOVE the color combo! I love a room that doesn't half-ass the brightness :)

Before & After: A Battered to Bold
West Elm Parsons Desk
Design Manifest

2/14/13 04:42 PM

ha! ours is "we can hear you having sex"!! i lived in a courtyard building in Chicago that was only occupied by other 20-somethings and it was, well, loud.

The Funniest Home Wi-Fi Network Names
9/17/12 11:18 AM

I think this is my favorite AT House Tour EVER.

Erin & Rob's Stylish & Glam Family Pad House Tour
6/28/12 01:19 PM

i've always found brown elephant to actually be really affordable! i got a solid wood farmhouse dining room table that seats 10 for $25 and a Lane hope chest for $15!

Shopping in Chicago's Andersonville Neighborhood Shopping Guide
6/11/12 02:59 PM

i'm more offended by all of these being ugly than the fact that they'd burn my house down.

3 Easy Renters Fixes for Ugly Ceiling Lights
5/31/12 03:10 PM

Oooh I love this, and their blog! I'm on the constant hunt for more good Chicago blogs, and this fits the bill.

Veronica & Keith's Handmade Chic House Tour
5/30/12 12:56 PM