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I did a similar thing, but with covers from a pile of old pulp novels. They're very graphic and bright, and the titles and taglines are hilarious (The Girl with the Sweet Plump Knees is my favorite).

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Oh No She Didn't! Sweet Valley
2/27/08 07:03 AM

I wish the sheets were more interesting. It's always hard to find good patterned sheets.

Apartment Therapy New York | DwellStudio for Target: Bedding Collection
1/17/08 01:26 PM

Tastes great, but take the batteries out of your smoke detector first. Every time I do it, it sets mine off, and mine are wired into the building so I can't disable them.

Apartment Therapy - How To: Roast a Chicken, Zuni-Style
10/26/07 01:05 PM

hee. I had ice cream for dinner Sunday night. It was late, we didn't have much else, and I didn't want to cook anything.

Escapes: Ice Cream for Dinner
8/14/07 05:26 AM

I drove 4 hours each way to the one in Houston when I was in school. We went early in the morning and were supposed to spend the night with my friend's parents in Houston. But we were so excited to put together our new stuff that we drove home that night.

Sleeping-Over at IKEA
8/1/07 09:16 AM

Whenever I'm on the treadmill, the only other options are Friends reruns and CNN, so Food Network is the only tolerable option.

Poll: Food Network at the Gym
7/25/07 08:32 AM

I made the roast chicken and bread salad. Set off the smoke detector many times. But really, it was worth it. It's incredible, all the different flavors and textures. Next time, I'm going to open all the windows and put a fan in front of the oven.

Book Review: The Zuni Cafe Cookbook
6/25/07 06:26 AM

I love Deborah Madison's Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone.

Good Question: Good Vegetable-Focused Cookbooks?
6/20/07 06:50 AM

Is anyone else slightly tempted to try making kool aid pickles? Yes, it does sound disgusting. But I'm curious.

NY Times Dining Section Roundup: 5.8.07
5/9/07 06:53 AM

Funny that everyone's talking about Zuni Cafe--I made their Roast Chicken and Bread Salad over the weekend. I did the dry salting the morning of, rather than a day or two in advance. It was the best roast chicken I've ever had. And the combination of the flavors in the rest of the salad is incredible--the bread chunks soaked in vinaigrette and the chicken drippings with the arugala, currants, and pine nuts.

It wasn't even as time consuming as I thought it would be. But if I make it again, I'm definitely opening all the windows before I start--I set off the smoke detector about 30 times roasting the chicken.

Open Thread #85
3/26/07 06:43 AM