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Reminder to everyone out in furniture land, no matter what kind of a mattress you purchase, the warranty states that a 1 1/2 to 2 inch body impression is normal. Anything beyond 2 inches will be covered by the warranty from the factory, but the mattress needs to be clean and not stained. Also you must have a bed frame that has a center support underneath it as well as a center post or two to hold up the foundation. This isn't rocket science people, read the factory warranty you get with the mattress and nothing will be a surprise, it should even tell you the length the warranty is good for as well...if it's a good furniture store, they will tell you all of this stuff.

How To: Fix a Sagging Mattress
4/9/12 03:25 PM

DCZock...get a new bed frame with center supports, you need the extra support because of the 2 foundations underneath you king bed...

How To: Fix a Sagging Mattress
4/9/12 03:21 PM