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I love reading all these traditions! At my house growing up, Hagrid started showing up as well. Santa left fancy candy in stockings, and the Hagrid left an assortment of Hagridy presents in front of the fireplace! It all started because my dad and I saw these REALLY gorgeous big glass bottles red birch beer that were shaped like barrels. We ripped off the labels and I made new ones from parchment paper that said "Hadrids Specel Brew Butter Beer (warnin keep outa reach 'o dragons)" . My younger siblings LOVED them, so we kept on doing it every year with a new label ( such as "Now less explosive! warnin: may still explode). My dad even made wizard christmas crackers a couple of years in a row. They were made entirely of flash paper and other extremely flammable substances and would erupt in a giant ball of flame for half a second before disappearing. Totally terrifying and dangerous christmas fun! He even got them published in Make Magazine :-)

Hiding the Pickle & Other Weird Holiday Traditions
12/11/12 11:31 AM

New York has the best Christmas markets outside of Europe!

Holiday Traditions: European Style Christmas Markets in US Cities
12/11/12 11:20 AM

Wow! What an eye! To be able to see that table and think "hey, i can make something awesome out of that." Nicely done!

Before & After: Plain Jane Nightstand Gets a Reclaimed Wood Makeover Design, Dining and Diapers
8/17/12 03:19 PM

The Techshop is in multiple cities! San Francisco, Detroit, and a couple others!

Want to Work On Something Big? Join a HackerSpace
8/16/12 10:09 AM

How's the food in these places?

America's Best Cities: Is Yours
on the List? Moving Week: Sponsored by Penske Truck Rental

8/1/12 10:39 PM

Thanks for not getting your greek and latin roots mixed up and saying "octopi!" Also, cute dresser :-)

DIY Idea: Lightbox Octopus Dresser Brooklyn Limestone
7/26/12 08:34 PM


Before & After: Console TV to
Puppet Theater

7/20/12 01:52 PM

Lovely! And you're husband's owl print it so sweet!

A Small Space Nursery Triumph In Manhattan My Room
7/20/12 01:51 PM

I'm surprised to see people dissing lift top coffee tables. My fiance has one, and it is so functional to be able to lift the table up and eat dinner while watching a movie etc, that we haven't gotten rid of it even though it no longer matches anything in the apartment. It is really the most useful piece of furniture we own. Also, we don't store anything that we need frequently inside it.

Hide Your Remotes & Controllers Inside Lift-top Coffee Tables
7/17/12 11:59 AM

gorgeous! love the globe mobile!

George Krauth's Clean Vintage Atlanta Loft Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles
7/16/12 12:36 PM

Love this! Thanks!

15 Crazy Ideas to Make Your Life Saner
7/10/12 07:06 PM

Pipe curtain rods! Saw them at west elm and asked my fiance to make them for me. Turned out great!

Plumbing Pipe Design Roundup: From Barn Doors to Bedframes
7/9/12 07:42 PM

It's a cool jumping off point for other ideas! Very interesting

Personalize It: DIY Photo Wallpaper lifeontwentieth
7/9/12 07:33 PM

I think it looks great! Those boring old yellow desks just making me think of being stuck in school. Also, I gotta say I love the stain on the top. Really nice color.

Before & After: Old-School Desk Gets a Makeover Storywood Designs
7/6/12 09:32 PM

I'm shocked! That looks amazing!

Before & After: A Tin-Foiled Nightstand Vintage Revivals
7/6/12 09:03 PM

Also West Elm has the side table for $199

Wondering why the one in this post is $575... :-/

Pretty in Pink, Purple, and Plum Dream Living Room Inspiration
6/25/12 07:05 PM

You can get a nearly identical side table like that from world market for only $149:

Pretty in Pink, Purple, and Plum Dream Living Room Inspiration
6/25/12 07:01 PM

LACK of books! The first thing I notice about someone's house is whether they have books or not. And as an avid reader who never gets RID of a book, I think it's funny that so many people commented that they hate stacks of books with things on top of them. I think you're nuts. You don't think they will be or have been read? Why? What do you think I should be reading all 200 of my books at the same time?

What's Your Design Pet Peeve?
6/20/12 03:29 PM

Wow! Looks like an expensive piece from restoration hardware!

Before & After: Bedroom Dresser is Painted No More Redoux Interiors
6/18/12 01:31 PM

The layout change is nice, but it still looks very dated. I would also like to point out that, although the white is obviously lighter, the "after" pictures were taken in the middle of the day, while the before pictures look like they were taken in the evening. Anyway, I feel like just painting the cabinets would have made enough of an impact, and would have cost a lot less.

Kitchen Before & After: From Dark & Dated to Light & Glamorous
6/14/12 11:36 PM