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Please, please, please DO NOT PAINT THAT TRIM. You will be destroying a substantial part of the resale value, as well as making a huge aesthetic error. Living with wood trim isn't for everyone, but please, sell the house to someone who will treat it with respect if you don't like it.

To Paint or Not To Paint Our Abundance of Wood Trim? Good Questions
4/22/14 05:27 PM

I'd be super interested to see a photo after a year or so of regular use. Maybe it will hold up, maybe not. But it looks great now.

Before & After: This Muted Chair Gets a Kick of Color in an Unusual Way
1/17/14 12:26 PM

I used safety glass cut by an auto shop for something similar.

Shelf Suggestions for China Cabinet Restoration Project? Good Questions
1/17/14 12:23 PM

Love it! Esp the change to one cushion - such an improvement.

Before & After: A Rococo Revival Professional Project
1/17/14 12:21 PM

If you have a pot rack, just loop the lid over the handle and hang the pot. Only works for lids with loop handles, though.

Genius Solution for Messy Pot Lid Storage: Hang Pot Lids On a Magnetic Knife Rack!
1/17/14 12:20 PM

volunteer proofreader alert - s/b 'nutritious' not nutritional.'

20 Things to Do with That Vase After the Flowers are Gone
4/9/12 10:09 AM