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I'm in the middle of the worst move ever. My lease was up on February 29th, I had to move by Mark 1'st. Found a nice place that was under construction. They assured me the repairs would be done by March 1'st so we paid security, first months, and a pet deposit. A few days before March 1'st they said it would be another two weeks. We overstayed our lease only to hear "April first". April first we had to leave our old place and were told the new place would be ready April 9. Tonight we sleep in our car in hopes that tomorrow we can move in. They give no promises, even though we have a lease that says March 1'st. All our belongings are in the new place, all the utilities in our names, our I.d's and drivers all changed. Yet tonight, once again.. We sleep in our car.

What's Your Worst Moving Horror Story?
4/8/12 09:06 PM