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Favorite before and after piece! Gorgeous!

Before & After: An Art Deco Dresser Is Restored to Its Former Glory
5/5/14 07:00 PM

Love the art! Very interesting though - does this place not have central air? Noticed the ac units. I thought it was either a newly built loft or a retrofitted loft from and older building. Just surprised it wouldn't have central air. I like everything about the place, but the couch sectional in the living room. I feel like the walls need more color. The white walls still make the place seem kind of cold, despite the wonderful art and rugs on the floor. Anyways but it is a really nice space. He made it his own.

Coppy's Traditional Meets Modern Loft House Tour
4/22/14 03:57 PM

Notretro, having lived in small places all of my married life (three apts, almost four years), room dividers aren't meant necessarily to "trick" the guest into thinking there are more rooms, as much as it is to have a personal private space, (for me it is just have a space that can be messy, but not visible from every angle of the studio).

I am so happy with this post because I feel like I am finally seeing a small apt that looks lived in, functional, and pretty. Not like "my husband is this amazing carpenter-designer and built all our storage and everything looks so staged because gosh-darn it I am winning the tiny places contest!" type of place. I realized apartments have to be somewhat staged to be in the running for votes, but many times these apartments look like ode to etsy museums. It makes me wonder "1) Do people live here? 2) Are they all OCD and neat freaks because I don't see storage and I don't see viable work stations, i.e. desks for computers or places to pay bills or do taxes or any type of daily household admin! Anyways kudos to everyone who can make a tiny apt look absolutely gorgeous! My rant is probably just from envy! ;)

Maria's 500 Square Foot Studio House Call
4/14/14 06:42 PM

Wow love the change!

Before & After: A Dramatic Small Space Makeover... and What Makes it Work Lonny
4/3/14 10:03 AM

Like many have mentioned, open shelving is nice for a stylized shoot, but impractical in a kitchen. The after is nice, but I would have waited a bit longer to save up and really do a major reno - new cabinets everything, because the before kitchen looked nice too, very doable until the major renovation.

Before & After: A Refreshed and Revamped Kitchen For $1000
3/22/14 07:47 PM

I am really glad you posted pics of your kitchen and bathroom. It presents a better picture of how you used your space. Many of the entries I have seen so far seem to exclude these crucial shots. I understand for aesthetic reasons, but I appreciate how you give a fuller picture of your space, instead of an artsy shot of a pillow against a couch or something like that.

Xsusha's Creative Thinking Small Cool Contest
5/29/13 01:20 AM