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@ Kaete

U say flash sucks but the fact that flash in reality is pretty much in most newer electronic devices is the real factor that sucks. Just think about it. Web enabled TV's, appliances, gaming consoles, DVR boxes. Although Adobe is retooling flash to be coded as HTML5 for friendlier play with IOS isn't the answer as HTML5 has its flaws. The easier/friendlier the interaction becomes, the more room for error. If I'm not mistaken, Java was the back door used to achieve this.

If you get down to it, not one program will be free from vulnerabilities. The more one adds to a program to improve functionality and look, the more vulnerable it becomes. That said, viruses, malware, etc. are hear to stay as long as programs exist.

Being a PC person myself, that's the 1st thing you'll learn, only update directly through the program itself, the developers site and/or the OS updater/site. Also treating everything as suspicious until you know what can be trusted will help prevent infection of ones system it be Mac or PC. The popularity of Apple is its and will be its undoing just like Windows. Same to hold true if and when Unix - Linux becomes the popular choice.

How To Check If Your Mac Is Infected With the Flashback Trojan
4/7/12 02:36 AM