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Sorry to bust this list up, because a lot of this is good... but you should NOT put vitamins in fridge! Ah! People! Condensation/moisture breaks down vitamins rendering them useless in no time. (As in within a few days to a week.)

15 Crazy Ideas to Make Your Life Saner
7/11/12 03:57 AM

House seems adorable! But what is up with this tour? I really don't need multiple closeups/angled shots of (yes, cute) objects. I love knick knacks but I also want to see the space!

Myles & Grace's La CaƱada Light House House Tour
7/11/12 03:47 AM

Looks good, fun idea, but it is so lame. Lame, yes, the best word to describe the place in person. Philadelphia always knows how to embarrass itself. It is not exclusive or classy, there is just a bunch of obnoxious "youth" hanging out. (And not in a fun/entertaining way)

Design Spotlight: Arrow Swim Club
6/2/12 01:07 AM

Love this place! I cannot get over the sofa for $200! (Although I am sure getting it reupholstered was crazy money) Looks great and I especially love the kitchen. There are so many elements I love, and they all are combine in such a simple, cute way.

Veronica & Keith's Handmade Chic House Tour
5/31/12 10:32 PM

I am kinda sort of okay with this. But there are a couple problems with this completely. First, thinking "visually" means you can remember where something is because of its placement and so it wouldn't matter if it where arranged by color. Second, do people actually have collections of books that are made up of such a wide variety of colors and that can separate so nicely into color schemes?

In Defense of: Organizing Books by Color
4/6/12 10:04 PM