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My Dad used to sprinkle it on sliced apples for our school lunches to keep them from turning all brown before lunchtime.

What's the Deal with Citric Acid? | Apartment Therapy The Kitchn
5/15/10 02:31 AM

there are a ton of antique/resale shops that routinely have stained glass windows for sale. I was in Lincoln Square last week and one of the stores there (sorry the name eludes me) was having a sale on their windows (with similar designs). If it's a 20's era house you can probably find one that size for under $200, though you may have to get it re-framed (still cheaper than a custom design).

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Can I Create a Stained Glass Window? Good Questions
7/31/09 11:55 PM

I would take a look at the white attic in Andersonville (or their new store in Bucktown) if you're a Chicagoan or online at www.thewhiteattic.com I've always loved their modern refinishing for vintage furniture

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Good Questions: Color Suggestions for Dresser Redo
6/24/09 12:46 PM

for a more appealing lamb use a pastry bag to make the wool on the body form, and come on people yes he used a pound of butter for what looked like a crowd but use what works for your gathering

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | How To Make a Butter Lamb for Easter
4/8/09 12:14 AM

I have always done this by hanging a large sheet of craft paper or newsprint with everything measured out and nail holes marked on the paper. Then I tape it to the wall with masking tape (being sure it's all level) and pound the nails through the paper. Tear off the paper and everything is perfectly lined up. Works great too if you are trying to space out a bunch of oddly shaped items, just lay it out on the floor, trace them out, mark your hangers and up to the wall.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | How To: Hang a Grid
12/14/08 12:07 AM

My holiday tip is to keep it simple. Serve dishes where most of the work is done before the party and spend your time with your guests/family. Buffets or just a selection of hor d'ourves/apps is the way to go why spend your time slaving in the kitchen? take off the apron and enjoy your party!

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11/14/08 03:29 AM

I love nice earl grey with a good book

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9/12/08 03:50 PM

I use it all the time in place of pasta for dishes it's a great low-carb substitute (though who's doing low-carb nowadays)

Apartment Therapy The Kitchn | Ingredient Spotlight: Spaghetti Squash
6/24/08 09:33 PM

well this summer all I've made is a strawberry rhubarb pie with some fresh finds at the farmer's market. But I love my sour cream apple pie recipe

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6/13/08 01:07 PM

My Great-Grandma's cast iron skillet recently passed on to me. I use it for all those great southern recipes especially grandma's fried chicken and corn bread. With three generations of seasoning it's slicker than the best non-stick pan and everything comes out tasting divine.

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6/5/08 10:11 AM