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The floor isn't as bad as you think...perhaps the undulating tile backsplash is helping to make this a southwest nightmare. My suggestion is as follows. Leave the floor, it isn't THAT bad and carpets in the kitchen are all levels of icky. Invest in some stainless steel looking laminate, have it cut and run it across the bases as a new kickplate as opposed to the dastard tile. Then get sheets of glass measured to go from countertop to underside of cabinets; back paint it with good quality benjamin moore paint. Perhaps a silver, grey or even white colour. This can be friction fit and held in palce with beads of silicone on the top and bottom (not on the painted glass itself).This is easy to remove when you relocate. Then......if at all possible paint out (a colour that matches the doors) the wood rail pulls and crown. This can also be "undone" with some paint remover and sand paper when moving. No fuss, no muss and some great updates that can easily be changed back.

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Ways To Pull This Rental Kitchen Together?
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4/5/12 03:35 PM