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I haven't been able to stop thinking about this gorgeous house all day, it epitomises my style and has a wonderful eclectic warmth about it. Never mind it's in the gorgeous Edinburgh! Heaven! Thank you so much for sharing it with us!

Chris and Sam’s Elegant Family Duplex in Edinburgh House Tour
12/7/13 04:19 AM

I don't know if it's the same in the US/Canada, but here in Oz experts say that if you invest the same amount of money in the stockmarket as you would a house you WILL be much better off.
I expect it comes from not having to make expensive repairs etc. That said we also aren't able to make significant changes to a rental property like it seems other countries do. Happy with renting for now

I'm Renting...And Okay with That
3/27/13 03:24 PM

We only ever eat home made pizzas and my rule of thumb is no more than 4 toppings, cheese on after the tomato sauce. You can also store them in a large plastic container with the baking paper in between. Definitely get your oven as hot as you can and then turn it down when you actually put the pizza in and enjoy!

How to Make Frozen Pizzas at Home Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
3/21/13 06:15 PM

My in laws are Moroccan so it's Moroccan or nothing for them. That said it means I have perfected that cuisine and it's usually very easy and timely, all in one pot - always served with bread too. Great for winter dinners. My parents are a bit more easy going when it comes to eating, they'll try anything. I think if you stick with what you're good at and tried and true recipes you won't go wrong. The last thing you want to do is be stressing about a new recipe not working when you're trying to make a good impression.

Meet the Parents: A Menu for Making a Good First Impression Party Menus from The Kitchn
3/21/13 06:10 PM

These are wonderful, light and fluffy http://foodfromourlife.wordpress.com/2013/02/01/who-doesnt-love-a-scone/ or these if you want something a bit more breakfasty http://foodfromourlife.wordpress.com/2012/12/30/a-christmas-spin-on-the-chelsea-bun/

Best Homemade Baked Goods for a Work Seminar? Good Questions
3/14/13 06:39 AM

All of the above Elysiamann, sounds like you have a pretty good pantry going on. Things that keep well in the fridge are olive tapenade & pesto, if you make a jar of pesto yourself and add the parmesan cheese when you actually come to use it, it will keep for longer, just make sure you cover the top with olive oil.
You can do the same with Harissa if you like chilli as well. I do a lot of Moroccan & Italian food, so we always have cumin, paprika, fresh & tinned tomatoes, fresh parsley & coriander (cilantro) Lemons, olive oil, Salt & pepper, garlic and onions on hand as well as olives, olive tapenade, Cannelli beans, pasta, flour, Rice - long grain & aborio, butter, Parmesan cheese, eggplant, capsicum (peppers) and a block of cheese, potatoes, minced beef, minced lamb, lamb chops, (meat in the freezer divided into meal size portions, bread, Flat & otherwise - with all of this I can make pizza, pasta, risotto, tajines, tacos, BBQ's baked potatoes, gnocchi, meat balls etc. I usually make enough so there are left overs for lunches the next day for hubby to go to work, oh and if you have room in your freezer? some puff pastry, so you can make a ricotta & spinach roll. Hope that helps

What Pantry Staples Should a College Student Keep on Hand? Good Questions
10/21/12 05:39 PM

Definitely chuck it out and go the Cast Iron, you can season it and it will better than any non stick pan. I am currently waiting to take delivery of one for my birthday, I figured seeing as everyone is coveting my Grandma's cast iron pan I'd better get my own. So here is a lesson on how to season it and never ever wash it in soapy water :D http://www.burgermary.com/2012/04/how-to-season-cast-iron-like-a-boss/

Should I Throw Away My Scratched Nonstick Pan?Product & Shopping Questions
6/21/12 06:25 PM

Oil with butter - gives you the buttery flavour & the oil allows the butter to get that little bit hotter without burning... works a treat!

How Can I Make Crispy Restaurant-Style French Toast? Recipe Questions
6/16/12 08:10 AM

I make loads of things in mine and rarely does it go in the oven, you can do a tajine, tangia, soups, Osso Bucco, stews, pretty much anything that requires a heavy based saucepan. I would say that you need to keep an eye on it, you need to make sure that it doesn't burn, because the really hold the heat. I have some recipes on my blog if you want to have a look :D

What Are Some Dutch Oven Recipes I Can Make on the Stove Top?Recipes Questions
5/31/12 07:03 AM

Let's just say you get what you pay for... There is a sweetness in the aroma to real saffron, perhaps buy some in your country so you have something to compare it to when looking overseas.

How Can I Identify Good-Quality Saffron?Ingredient Questions
5/24/12 10:11 PM

What about something different like a praline semi freddo - you could get the praline made from peanuts... goes really nicely with Chivas Regal Icecream as well..

Ice Cream Ideas for a Summer Wedding? Recipe Questions
5/23/12 06:56 AM

I agree, definitely needed for meringue, sponges, soufflés, not so essential for a cake, biscuits etc.

Is Superfine Sugar Really Necessary?
5/23/12 06:52 AM

There is no such thing :D

Can You Recommend a Good Boxed Wine?Product & Shopping Questions
5/9/12 05:36 PM

Definitely! In particular when it comes to buying electrical things like computers etc... I get calls all the time about how do I cook this, what could I do with .... Food tips etc

Friendly Free Trade: Swap a Job You Love for One You Need Help With
5/9/12 05:35 PM

@Charlie26 - a packet of Hobnobs chocolate covered or otherwise doesn't last long here either :D & I completely understand your addiction of chocolate covered butter nut snaps! YUMMMM Love it!

Soda Fountain Recipe: Banana Cream Pie MilkshakeRecipes from The Kitchn
5/6/12 06:31 PM

@charlie26 you could use Butter Nut Snaps, but I'd play around with whether you'd need to add extra butter or not - Butter Nut Snaps = good old fashioned heaven IMO.. or even Hobnobs perhaps too, oh the chocolate covered ones, that could be DELICIOUS!

Soda Fountain Recipe: Banana Cream Pie MilkshakeRecipes from The Kitchn
5/4/12 05:54 PM

I am starving, it's breaky time here! Right now... off to make this, yes they look like crumpets, but you can't split a crumpet in half... Hubby came home with truckloads of bread from a friend who has a bakery, this'll be a great way to use some of it up! Oil & butter in your pan prevents the oil from getting too hot and the butter from burning. Happy days!

Breakfast Recipe: English Muffin French ToastRecipes from The Kitchn
4/27/12 05:43 PM

For me it's Barbequed, Take the steak out of the fridge about an hour before so that it comes up to room temperature, then rub a little salt, pepper & olive oil all over the steaks. Place them onto the BBQ and when the juices rise to the top it's time to turn them over, you only turn them once, when the juices rise to the other side they're done.
If you place your thumb & forefinger together in a circle and feel the muscle of your thumb, this gives you the way the steak should feel when you push it, thumb to forefinger is Bleu, Thumb to middle finger is rare, thumb to ring finger is rare to medium to well and little finger to thumb is well done. Hope that makes sense and helps :D

What Is the Best Way to Cook a Great Porterhouse Steak?Good Questions
4/23/12 06:24 AM

I have no idea what a CSA box is, but if you have lemon's you could preserve them, they're wonderful in cooking casseroles, tajines, tangias etc here is a recipe http://foodfromourlife.wordpress.com/2011/07/25/a-week-until-ramadan/ then there is Joyce's lemon cake which is a recipe I got from a wonderful French cookbook called French, it's without question the easiest cake recipe ever! But be careful as it's addictive :D

Help Me Use Up Grapefruits, Tangerines, Oranges and Other Citrus!Good Questions
4/23/12 06:16 AM

It's not just in Paris or Europe that people shop like that and sadly it's not just in America that folks shop in bulk, but then what's even worse is they throw out billions of dollars worth of food a year because it goes off before they can use it. I lived in Morocco for a year and for that whole time we rarely had a fully stocked fridge, food was bought on a daily basis or as required.
The best thing this taught me was to only buy what we actually need and will use within the week, with 2 small kids and recently going back to work going to the market every day is way too much like hard work, I do however shop at the local market & Aldi and think roughly about what we're going eat for the week and aim to only buy what we'll actually use in the way of fresh fruit & vegies, Fish is purchased on the day we'll eat it and I do keep meat in the freeze and buy it once a month or so.
Fresh bread every week from the baker at the market and the more I do it this way the more I realise we can feed a family of four on a budget (Tight one at that) and still have all the quality things like real coffee, extra virgin olive oil, good cheese etc.
No doubt it's food for thought!

Shop Like a Parisian Weekend Meditation
4/23/12 04:50 AM