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We replaced an oversized cast iron radiator in the kitchen last winter with a runtal and have been extremely happy with it! We reclaimed an huge amount of space, and it's much more attractive than the old radiator; but, not cheap! While it's heat isn't quite as long lasting, during the remodel, we took down the horrible old beaverboard walls in favor of new sheetrock and added insulation while we were at it. Overall result? The room is more comfortable (by a lot) now.

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2/20/09 11:47 PM

I had the exact same problem in my last kitchen and installed a shelf sturdy enough to hold my microwave up there. Underneath the shelf I installed an under-cabinet light to shine on the stove. It solved the problem of inadequate conterspace, and not enough light on the cook top. (Standing in front of the stove to cook ~ my body blocked the light from the one pathetic ceiling light...)

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10/2/08 04:00 PM

Runtal North America makes units like these. My husband and I recently replaced our enormous kitchen cast-iron radiator (during a remodel) with one of their Wall Panel Radiators. It wasn't cheap, but I love the look and the heat is very nice from it.

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6/24/08 11:19 AM

Thanks Cynthia! Actually it never occurred to me to have hanging storage on the two side walls, but in your second picture the closet door would be where you have your purses hanging, so hangingin space on the sides would totally work! I want to put some drawer space in there if possible as well, so I'll begin haunting the Container Store and Elfa products. Thanks for the tip!

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5/27/08 07:58 AM

Thanks for asking. The closet is 105" wide and the side walls are at right angles to the back. The door opening is 99" and is roughly centered in the 105" total width. The depth (at the bottom is 39" and from the top of the 55" wall, it goes on a slant till it meets the front wall at about 72".

With the width, it seems like a big closet, but with the slanted ceiling, it's tough to plan something in there! Right now its just got one bar straight across the middle at about 60" and shoes all over the floor.

Apartment Therapy New York | NY Open Thread 638
5/27/08 06:50 AM

This is my first post, although I've been reading virtually every word of this website for several months now!

I need some help with my bedroom closet. It's built into the eaves of a finished attic, so the back wall of the closet is only 55" tall, while the front is only about 72". I'd like to put an organization system in there, but custom is so expensive and the closetmaid/rubbermaid type systems all seem to be too tall to fit.

Does anyone have ideas?


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5/27/08 06:08 AM