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No, the flag is a flag. Freedom represents freedom. You're putting YOUR opinion of it into it. To most other people, (American for several generations or not, family of vets or not, patriots of not) it reads as tacky and aggressive outside of a private home. For many people, that flag represents oppression, racism, classism, and yes, war.

How To Properly Display The American Flag
7/4/14 03:15 PM


Welcome Home: Housewarming Parties
6/23/14 02:01 PM

I recently went to a friend's housewarming which was a great "game night/pizza night" theme-- I had fun with the exception that she had not 1 but TWO/ 2 registries, which I found rude and offensive. I want to warm your home with my hear, love and good- will not my wallet. I brought traditional flowers/wine.

Welcome Home: Housewarming Parties
6/23/14 01:55 PM

But I look forward to a smaller place to clean (less cleaning!), living alone for the first time ever, and cooking/eating the exact things I want at the times I want them (and the huge/new bathroom, ain't bad either).

Moving Questions: What Will You Miss/Look Forward To Most?
6/4/14 10:23 PM

I will miss, most of all, my partner whom I am moving away from in order to go to professional school but also: the fixed up backyard, the crazy amounts of space, and the massive kitchen.

Moving Questions: What Will You Miss/Look Forward To Most?
6/4/14 10:18 PM

It's not a contest.

Brooklyn Townhouse Sells for $100K Over Asking Design News
6/2/14 08:44 PM

Huh? You sound bitter and self- conscious. Neither of which makes sense for AT or this article. I'm the same height as you and find that retailers in the past 10 years have been great about longer inseams... Gap/ON/Joe Fresh/and yes, higher end brands too, with all offering discounts at some point. So confused by your post.

Real Life on a Budget: Shifrah's Money-Saving Tips
5/30/14 07:34 PM

Cannot impress upon you more how annoying your post is.

The 10 Commandments of Keeping a Small Space Organized
4/16/14 09:55 AM

One of the most dramatic kitchn posts ever.

Before & After: How I Organized All My Little Bags of Gluten-Free Flour Pantry Organization
4/16/14 08:28 AM

Oh man. So true. I always know they aren't from New York based on her "transplants from NYC" and her views of "south Manhattan." Ugh. These posts/people irk me.

Penelope & Zack's Minimal, Moody & Modern in Brooklyn House Call
3/24/14 02:38 PM

I love this!

Before & After: Hemnes Hack Gets The Dubai Treatment
3/3/14 11:18 AM

Things can be made in China and be of high quality and have fine labor practices. That said, this constitutes getting a refund. Call RH immediately and ask for one. If they are being difficult about it, your credit card (assuming you used a credit and not a debit card) will refund you. $250 is far too much money, on sheets no less, to not get exactly what you were led to believe you ordered.

Have Restoration Hardware Linen Sheets Always Been Made in China? Good Questions
2/27/14 11:49 AM

"An AfricN figure on a Russian plate." Captions like that make my skin crawl. Please stop contributing To the ignorance by referring to the continent of Africa as this huge, amorphous anomaly. You couldn't find out where the piece might be from-- not even the region? Then juxtaposed it not with "European plate" which would make less sense but be more fitting but juxtaposed it with "Russia" which is pretty specifically a country, Ugh.

Ekaterina's Chic South London Space Apartment Tour
2/23/14 11:22 AM

"Serious enough"? Well I hardly think the avg TJ's customer is looking for anything beyond a useable, affordable bottle of oil.

Expert Tip: The Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil to Buy at Trader Joe's
2/21/14 08:51 AM

Leave it to hipsters to glorify a situation and place that many people try to get out of.

Rebecca & Dustin's \"Screw Convention\" Re-Invented Mobile Home House Tour
2/12/14 08:25 AM

I would venture to say that renters rarely are able to take on huge, costly projects (due to lease agreements and space limitations)-- makes sense why this is more geared toward homeowners. Unless... you've recently replaced the garage doors on your rental.

How Much Did it Cost to Buy and Install Your Garage Door(s)? Reader Intelligence Request
1/22/14 08:38 AM

I'm so behind-- it's tragic, really!

The Halfway Point!: Project Progress The January Cure: Assignment #11
1/18/14 01:56 AM

I always thought they were different from pop to pop-- guess I was right!

Dum Dums Mystery Flavor: Finally Revealed!
11/1/13 10:30 PM

San Francisco has a J- line.....

The Creative Process: 5 Ways to Cultivate Inspiration & Ideas
10/31/13 09:13 PM


The 7 Elements of a Perfect Mudroom
9/12/13 06:27 PM