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I agree with not so much hiding the kitchen, as much as making it pleasant to the eye. As commentor Allisen1 mentioned, take the soaps and put them in nicer, cleaner containers, and remove any clutter from the fridge. If you think a plain fridge is too bland, add a 4 very large favorite photos to make it a display in a nicer way. Also, you could tile or use a non-permanent back splash (depending on if you own the studio or not) to make it a nice little area to look at.

I live in an apartment and the best thing I have found to do is if I don't like the way it looks, change it, don't hide it.

How Do I Hide the Kitchen in My Studio Apartment? Good Questions
1/21/13 11:20 AM

I absolutely agree that decorating is addicting, but for me I have an addiction to starting sewing projects and not finishing them. I have three going on right now with several knitting projects on the side..

Is Decorating an Addiction?
9/21/12 01:40 PM

I would put a couple of tall vases with decorative plants coming out of them on either side, in front of the molding, and either a small screen, a decorative fireplace firewood item, or a stand with candles. Candles in fireplace settings are both romantic and all the rage. If you have a candle stand as wide as the fire place opening with a couple of tiers, it will hide the fact that there isn't really a fireplace and will hide the outlet.

What Should We Do with Ugly Fireplace Plus Outlet Combo? Good Questions
8/9/12 11:09 AM

My favorite way to cover walls is collaging with magazine clippings. It takes time, but just some great stuff out of your favorite magazines could serve as your temporary wallpaper over that color. I use scotch tape, but I would also recommend finding a light glue that isn't too strong and will peel right off when you want it to. Good luck!

Ideas for Dealing with Rental's Coral Walls Without Painting? Good Questions
8/9/12 11:04 AM

I can relate, we lived in a town where we had a walmart and that was just about it besides the small storefronts, but now they built a JC Pennys and a Target and the small stores down on main street are suffering and many have actually closed. It is really unfortunate. Now we live in another town that has a small mall and some tores, but the downtown strives. It is very nice to see local businesses strive even though they are not the bigger retailers in town.

10 Reasons I Love Living in a Small Town
7/4/12 12:50 PM

What about something more simple like building a bookcase at the top of the staircase where there is an opening to the ledge. It would be easy storage for you and wouldn't look as much like a walk around for the kids. If it is blocked there (at least for now) they won't be interested in getting over there. And then you can gate it from the bookcase to the opposite wall.

How To Baby Proof This Stairwell? Good Questions
5/12/12 07:30 PM

We had a mini tile backsplash in our old home and it was gorgeous. We used a rich palette with several colors that came together. The grout was no trouble, but in a shower it might be harder to gauge. Maybe try a filler to make it flat?

Tile Trends: Two Extremes
5/12/12 07:17 PM