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May I be painfully honest? Show me a photo of this couple and I assure you that unlike most Americans they are probably not 'big' people. And yes, I have slender friends who can indeed sleep in a twin size bed. And yes, they like to cuddle. I like to get a good nights sleep and do well in a twin size bed....alone. Double bed when my husband was alive.

Small Space Lessons: Floorplan and Solutions from Ashley & Ryan's Happy History
4/23/14 07:56 PM

Wood? Plastic? Someone must not be a serious cook with occasional flame ups which would burn the wood and melt the plastic.

Move Over, Tile: 5 Backsplashes Made of Sheet Materials Kitchen Inspiration
4/23/14 07:08 PM

I take our cordless phone and stick it on the night stand when I go to bed, just in case I ever need to dial 911 for help.

Banishing My Phone from The Bedside: The Results, One Month Later
4/17/14 11:32 PM

How often do you think a person under 5ft 4 would use that microwave on top of the refrigerator? Much less the food processor on top of the microwave.

And all those items on top of the upper cupboards will be coated with grim and dust when they need to be used.

Personally I find upper cabinets to be one of the worst items in a kitchen, unless you are a woman who is a good 5 ft 7.

The 10 Commandments of Keeping a Small Space Organized
4/15/14 05:09 PM

#3 with the dark grey walls and gauze like curtains looks so peaceful. May borrow the idea. Like that it has a double bed. Nice thing is, a person could use that with a much smaller bedroom area as well.

Small Bedroom Ideas: 5 Tips For Tiny Sleep Spaces
4/12/14 10:06 PM

We have hearty beautiful zen looking simple oak bookcases that I did not want to get rid off because they cost good money. So we finely sanded and painted them to match the wall they went against so they blend in as part of the wall.

Small Space Secrets: Swap Your Bookcases for Wall Mounted Shelving
4/11/14 06:26 PM

Even without the tile change, simply clearing all the clutter and painting the walls and adding a new fresh shower curtain works wonders.

Before & After: Andie's Bathroom Makeover
4/3/14 06:17 PM

Jaw dropping amazing!!!

Before & After: A Dramatic Small Space Makeover... and What Makes it Work Lonny
4/3/14 03:38 PM

Guess making the bed is seen as amazing, albeit simple solution for AT.

Before & After: This Busted Bed Gets Beautiful
4/1/14 10:30 PM

My question is how much of the 'stuff' we see in the photo is staged for the photo and have no special meaning to the homeowner?

A Polished Philadelphia Living Room Professional Project
3/29/14 06:45 PM

Rachel Khoo has some great YouTube videos showing her cooking in that tiny Paris kitchen. Have always savoured my Paris style kitchen and who knows maybe in a year or so I will be back in Paris in a wee place.

Top Tips for Maximizing Space in (Really) Tiny Paris Apartments...and Anywhere Else
3/21/14 10:33 PM

Nicely done!! Clean and crisp looking with the right amouny of classy flare.

Before & After: A Narrow Galley Kitchen Gets an Urban Update
3/15/14 08:55 PM

If the owner actually uses those cookbooks the most then that is a nice idea. My issue as an avid cook is the poor shape her pots and pans are in as far as being really clean. Dirty bottoms do not conduct heat well and use more energy.

Before & After: Cookbook Display Goes Front-Facing Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/14/14 07:33 PM

I live in a tiny house in a rural area of the Sierras and I do have a packed pantry and it is a money saver.

The question lacking in the article is what do folks in cities do when a hurricane hits and you are without food, power? I think a responsible person should have a Coleman lantern, and enough food to last a month.

The government should not be expected to save a fool who didn't care to be prepared. Look at recent news stories of empty store shelves when the massive snow storms hit the NYC area.

Store It At the Store: How to Curtail Your Urge to Stock Up Apartment Therapy's Home Remedies
3/14/14 03:31 PM

The purpose of a top sheet is to absorb perspiration and body oils so the blankets do not need to be washed all the time.

Even if you bathe or shower before bed your body perspires and has oils that come off when sleeping.

What’s the Purpose of a Flat Sheet, Anyway?
1/30/14 05:27 PM

Our home library has books on shelves according to subject and then authors name. Like in a library. Bear in mind we are actual readers and not simply the type who has books that once read get put away on some book shelf. Larger books are laid on their side on the bottom shelf.

The big photo of books both horizontal and vertical actually looks like a work of art, and suggests to me the owner is a huge bibliophile and doesn't have books that don't get read a lot. And as sappy as it sounds, I literally get sad when I enter a home that is absent of books.

How Do You Stack Your Books?
4/4/12 08:22 PM