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This is usually the real reason people have issues with baking soda...quality counts.

What's Wrong With My Baking Soda? Good Questions
9/3/13 01:33 PM

Food waste in our country is estimated to be 38millions TONS!! 20%-25% of that is food purchased for the home and 50% of that (food purchased for the home) is in the purchase package when it is tossed... I think we need to stop buying so much and using what we buy before we buy more. If this product is safe and uses materials that have already been vetted, then I say go for it.

The food service industry is the worst. Huge portions, huge waste and no conscience about mother earth.

Scientists Invent Product That Gets the Last Drop of Ketchup From the Bottle
5/29/12 11:29 AM

My mom taught me to loosen the ring a half turn before putting the goods away in the pantry, which prevents the exploding issue. Also, every year at the beginning of canning season it was my job as a knee high kitchen helper to go through the bushel basket where we keep our used canning rings and toss all the rings with rust. I think in today's world of disinfecting every surface and cutting down a million trees just so we can wipe our counters and every other surface with paper towels, that this advice is just another symptom of our over-eagerness to be super freaks with cleanliness. I read something the other day that said not to eat any canned goods you didn't can yourself, even if it was from your friend. Really?! That's just going too far. Not everything has to be monitored by the FDA to be safe, and I think I will trust my friends and their little gardens over Monsanto operated farms any day.

Tip: Store Canned Jars Without Rings
5/1/12 10:29 PM

Humm....wondering if removing the ring leaves the jar lid at risk for being bumped and accidentally losing it's seal? Wouldn't it be better after canning to remove the bands, clean the jars and the area and replace the bands with new sterilized and oven dried ones? It's an extra step, but then it would removed all the risks of moisture or food residue, leading to rust, mold, and vermin.

And I completely disagree with the comment "Rings may prevent you from knowing whether the lids are still sealed properly. Spoilage may cause seals to break, so you always want to check that lids are intact before opening jars from your pantry. " The band doesn't interfere with you knowing if the jar is sealed. If you attempt to open the jar and the seal is broken, you will know it with or without a band because the characteristic gasp or inhalation sound sill be non existent.

I will be keeping my bands on. Call me old fashioned, but I think you shouldn't mess with a good thing. The band is there to provide pressure on the seal to prevent it from be accidentally bumped and inadvertently weakening the seal. Maybe I'll do an extra wipe down under the band with a sterilized wash rag before replacing the canning band with a sterilized, dry band before putting my goods away in the pantry.

Tip: Store Canned Jars Without Rings
4/30/12 10:18 PM

If you're ever in Seattle, Brouwers in Fremont has a great Ploughman's platter with housemade sausages and divine cheeses! They serve it with pickles, water crackers, bread, mustard, apples and pears. I often skipped dinner and just the platter.

Treat Yourself To A Ploughman's Lunch!
4/4/12 02:35 PM

I've found it's the cut of meat that determines how it responds to braising. If you use a lean meat (pork loin) it will dry out every time no matter how low or slow it goes. But if you use a fatty, muscle-ly piece (the cheap stuff! like the butt as mentioned above) it turns out succulent with all the connective tissue and fat rendering out to perfection.

Slow Cooking: 3 Techniques for Luscious Slow-Cooked Meat
4/4/12 01:58 PM

I am appalled at the racist comments on this post. I had printed the recipe a while back to try and have made this 3 times since. I thought since I'm enjoying it, maybe I should leave a comment. That's when I saw all this garbage. People need to realize that this is the new world. Social networking and online contests are all about who you know. The website wins by holding contests like this by bringing in new members, and the readers win because we get good recipes. Win/Win. If you don't like the recipe fine, but don't drag race into it. Now I'll step off my soapbox and say what I came here to say.

I like this recipe, but I have made a few concessions. I prep the meat (I use pork) but I don't overwork it with the kneading. Kneading ground meat takes the fat out of it, you can get it nice and smooth without kneading by rolling a ball of it into a rectangle between two sheets of plastic wrap. As I am prepping the other ingredients I cook my rice (I use sushi rice) to almost done but not quite texture so that when it's in the oven the rice gets cooked to done-ness rather than overdone. Kids like this recipe...and it's balanced in it's carbs/protein with just a hint of veg in the center for texture. I serve mine with an Asian slaw. It is a meal my family asks for.

Eun's Asian-style Rolled Meat Loaf with Rice
Quick Weeknight Meals Recipe Contest 2009

4/4/12 01:54 PM