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I think that paint is gorgeous.

Before & After: Beige Office Made Beautiful
6/12/13 02:37 AM

So cute!

Ellen's Sears Kit Home Small Cool Contest
5/29/13 05:22 AM

Love this just because it really does look like someone lives here. You have a beautiful home.

Lorna's Truly Lived-In Home Small Cool Contest
5/29/13 05:20 AM

So cool this space has two rooms!

Erica's Tiny Two-Bedroom Small Cool Contest
5/27/13 11:22 PM

That bear is awesome!

Ziv's Colorful Yet Calm Small Cool Contest
5/27/13 10:47 PM

Amazing use of 135 square feet. Doesn't look cramped or cluttered at all. You should totally win just for that.

Ildikó's Smart Space Small Cool Contest
5/27/13 08:58 PM

Your dogs are too cute, love your space, and I kind of want you to win so you can come back and post pics of a lucite box full of money.

Pam's Perfect Guest House Small Cool Contest
5/27/13 08:33 PM

This is almost exactly like the home I'm having built. So jealous.

Eric's Changing Display Small Cool Contest
5/27/13 08:23 PM

The bathroom is gorgeous. This whole place is so well put together.

Bethany Kay's Penthouse Studio Small Cool Contest
5/23/13 08:07 PM

This is such a happy space! I love this!

Leah's Comic Strip Style Small Cool Contest
5/23/13 08:04 PM

Everything is so bright and inviting and you have an adorable dog!

Melissa's First Home Small Cool Contest
5/17/13 03:58 AM

Also, the dog is too cute.

Hannah's Personal Reflection Small Cool Contest
5/17/13 03:18 AM

This looks so cozy, like someone actually lives here.

Hannah's Personal Reflection Small Cool Contest
5/17/13 03:01 AM

This looks so calming. Love the bedroom and deck.

David's Design in Duesseldorf Small Cool Contest
5/13/13 08:56 PM

This is beautiful.

Carmen's Small Space in Singapore Small Cool Contest
5/13/13 06:56 PM

Love it! So glad you posted a link to more. The tile and the painting are great.

Rita & Cane's "Northwest Forest" Room Room for Color Contest
10/8/12 10:04 PM

I love this. And I've never been a fan of brown. Your room looks fantastic.

Ashley's "Monochromatic Serape" Room Room for Color Contest
10/2/12 07:08 PM

This is gorgeous, and such a refreshing change from what everyone else is doing. Love it.

Kitchen Before & After: A Warm and Wood-Heavy Kitchen Redo Design*Sponge
10/1/12 08:01 PM

This is beautiful, so close to my dream kitchen.

Urša's Charming, Organized Kitchen Small Cool Kitchens 2012
7/22/12 01:05 AM

Love your countertops!

Meleah's Economical Minneapolis Kitchen Small Cool Kitchens 2012
7/22/12 01:01 AM