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I love the color of the LR couch and chairs.

Apartment Therapy Los Angeles | Amy Cotteleer's "Small Space, Big Ideas" LA HomeO at Home Magazine Summer 2008
6/5/08 10:45 AM

Yuck. Too cold and hard looking.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Brad Pitt's New Furniture
6/5/08 10:42 AM

Love the color combination, it's my current favorite. I'm incorporating touches of blue into my own green interior.

I love vintage style, so the mix of shapes and fabrics are beautiful to my eye. Love the round backs of the chairs, the beauty of the white wood on all pieces...the carpet is fabulous! I do believe there is a touch of the citron in the drapery fabric that ties the chairs into the color palette, but even if not there, I am a fan of contrasts and prefer nothing be too "matchy-matchy".

Love the room!

Apartment Therapy San Francisco | Color Chips: Blues and Greens
5/26/08 08:40 AM