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My sister and I always joke that the traditional British comfort food is toast. It's true, though! Many times I have come home late at night, cold and possibly drunk, to soothe my troubles with a thick slice of hot buttered toast before bed. (The "hot" part is, arguably, not very British.)

Favorite Ethnic Comfort Foods: What Are Yours?
12/8/10 01:10 PM

I do think using the good china and cloth napkins is nice, even for two. :)

Help Me Rock Thanksgiving for Two!
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11/23/10 03:44 PM

Other than what's already been posted this week, it's hard to customize "advice specifically for Sara" without any further details about her preferences! What kind of foods does she like? Does she live in a warm climate where she can grill outdoors? Does she want a meal with a traditional feel, or just one that feels special? I'm sure lots of us have good advice, but the editing of the request makes it very general.

Help Me Rock Thanksgiving for Two!
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11/23/10 03:42 PM

The toaster oven is great for crisping. You can definitely braise or pan-fry chicken and then crisp the skin in there -- I've done it many times in my (American) kitchen just because I don't like using the regular oven in summer.

Thanksgiving Dinner for Two in a Tokyo Kitchen?
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11/19/10 10:02 AM

Uh, I think that's Paul Child, with Julia on his left, not some anonymous uncle.

Hi, Grandpa! How to Create a Vinyl Photo Backsplash

11/17/10 03:54 PM

You can buy most of these direct from SKS Bottle for far cheaper than you'd get them from any reseller. I stocked my new spice cabinet with their jars, and they are fast and professional.

Preserving Your Herbs: Choosing The Best Spice Jars
11/12/10 02:22 PM

I've never seen what HipChek mentions here in Philly, and I regularly stop at four different supermarket chains depending on who has the best sale that week.

So, no, the information isn't inaccurate. For many stores it's very useful.

Supermarket Survival: Tips for the Self-Checkout Lane
11/10/10 10:26 AM

@MaryWynn It's probably not so bad even if you don't have a scale -- if you buy a 16 oz brick of ice cream and you need 8 oz, you can just chop it in half. Then volume wouldn't matter.

Look: Ice Cream Bread!
11/9/10 11:47 AM

I've often fantasized about being a guest judge on Top Chef, but it has literally been several seasons since there was an episode where no contestant used shellfish (excepting the single vegan challenge). Since I'm allergic, this really ruins the fantasy for me. God forbid someone cook a piece of meat without some kind of scallop garnish or freakin' lobster stock or whatever.

Guest Star: Which Cooking Show Would You Like to Be On?
10/27/10 11:24 AM

Seconding the silken tofu recommendation, and a tip: you can puree an entire package of silken tofu in a measuring cup with an immersion blender prior to adding it to your soup! This lets you blend in spices, too, and it lets you add creaminess to a stock without being as time-consuming as pureeing the whole pot.

Vegan, Gluten-Free & Lactose-Free — Yet Creamy Soups?
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10/21/10 10:53 AM

If you make Mexican food and have been using yellow onions, get white onions instead. The flavor is so much milder and cleaner, and if you're concerned about authenticity, they just taste right. I never substitute yellow for white now I've learned that. Chopped and rinsed, you can use them as a sweet crunchy raw garnish where yellow onions would be waaay too strong.

(Jeez, I sound like a white-onion broker. I'm not! I just recommend keeping one on hand, that's all!)

What's the Difference? Yellow, White, and Red Onions
10/21/10 10:46 AM

Motherlode, not "mother load".

The Largest White Room Roundup of All Time
10/15/10 04:11 PM

@KayinKCMO : However, it is only dangerous during the removal process, when fibers from cutting the asbestos can become airborne. I cannot stress this enough. The floor in its current state poses no inhalation danger whatsoever. Please, anyone with asbestos tile, do not start panicking about it.

Asbestos was popular in housing applications because it's completely fireproof. The benefits of leaving it under your current vinyl seem to outweigh the risks of tearing it up.

What Flooring to Cover Over Current Vinyl?
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10/15/10 02:42 PM

Jamie Oliver got himself "run out of West Virginia" for vastly exceeding the school's budget for food, patronizing the hell out of everyone, and opting for publicity over any sort of sustainable, long-term solutions. He wore a fat suit to mock the local residents. He's not a bloody martyr.

Want To Lose Weight? Turn Off the Lights.
Food News for Tuesday, October 12

10/13/10 10:44 AM

Thanks for the suggestions, guys. The starch should work well as it's a highly polished surface. Unfortunately, the glass door openings have ornate, pointy trim that would prevent me sliding a piece of plywood in there!

How Can I Line My China Cabinet Without Ruining It?
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9/29/10 08:37 AM

Yeah, well that feeling is 10 times worse when it's your cell phone that's empty.

Um, except that I can generally borrow a friend's cell, or find a payphone. Not many alternatives in the toilet paper scenario!

4 Tech Backups to Buy (And How to do it Cheaply!)
9/24/10 01:22 PM

Am I the only person seeing something explicit in one of the fridge photos? Yes? Okay, just me then.

Kitchen Tour: Annie & Paul Groove on the Retro
9/23/10 12:32 PM

Louisiana Gold is a great all-purpose hot sauce. It's similar in heat to Tabasco but has a much, much better flavor. I like Dave's Insanity when I want to add heat (it's so strong that a few drops in a whole pot of chili will be quite noticeable), but it doesn't add enough flavor on its own. The whole Goya Salsita line is quite nice, particularly the Smoky Ancho and Arbol-Lime. And I keep a jar of pureed chipotles en adobo in the fridge to spoon into my food as-is.

Sriracha to Tabasco: What’s Your Favorite Hot Sauce?
9/23/10 10:28 AM

Indians who use Western-style appliances are "real" Indians too! It's not all women in saris sweating around tandoors. Talk about exoticizing the other. Traditional outdoor kitchens and urban lifestyles don't necessarily mix, and many, many Indians don't live in villages. It's 2010.

Kitchens from India
Kitchen Gallery

9/20/10 04:12 PM


Sorry, that is exactly wrong. Refrigeration speeds staling in all wheat based products. All of them; bread, cake, etc.

Help! Why Did My Cakes Spoil So Quickly?
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9/16/10 10:47 AM