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Congrats! And yes, house tour, please!

Garrett's Everything Every Day Small Cool Contest
6/5/13 06:14 PM

Not to say that the current system, where the older entries have more time to garner votes, is ideal or shouldn't be changed. But just to note: Most of this year's finalists were later entries, including the Teeny Tiny, Tiny and Small entries, if I'm remembering correctly.

Announcing The Small Cool 2013 Finalists! Vote Now for Our Grand Prize Winner
6/4/13 06:06 PM

I, too, like this system of choosing the finalists and think the judges made great choices. I agree with Foo212 that having the judges brings in good perspective and prevents this from being purely a popularity contest or purely rewarding a home's good architectural bones rather than what the contestant did with the space.

Announcing The Small Cool 2013 Finalists! Vote Now for Our Grand Prize Winner
6/4/13 03:38 PM

Congrats on being international division winner, Carmen! Your place is just inspiring and so much fun to look at.

Carmen's Small Space in Singapore Small Cool Contest
6/4/13 12:21 PM

Yeah! Congrats, Garrett, on making it to the finals. You've got my vote for grand prize winner!

Garrett's Everything Every Day Small Cool Contest
6/4/13 12:17 PM

I very much like how light, open and airy it feels, as well as its calm and breezy vibe. Nicely done!

Julia's Cabin in the Hills Small Cool Contest
5/27/13 12:07 PM

Very nice! I like how it has very defined areas while still being open and airy throughout. I also like the varied textural juxtapositions throughout. And love the living room rug. Well done!

Cristian's Well Defined Spaces Small Cool Contest
5/25/13 12:05 PM

Like some others, I wish I could've seen more of your space (kitchen and/or bathroom, even if unremarkable). But based on what I see here: I absolutely love what you've done. So elegant, warm, uncluttered, natural. It just feels like it all organically goes together. And that coffee table your dad made? Stunning.

Garrett's Everything Every Day Small Cool Contest
5/23/13 08:46 PM

Whoa. Pretty amazing. Ditto NorNor on the question: Do you just put the dining room table and chairs on the bed when you need to get to the closet? Also, how do you get in and out of the closet: Do you just hop down into the closet and lift yourself back out?

Silvana's Innovative Interior Small Cool Contest
5/23/13 03:54 PM

Adorable. Love your dining area.

Leah's Comic Strip Style Small Cool Contest
5/23/13 12:12 PM

Thanks for the link to the additional photos, Stefan. Your home is gorgeous. I really like the b/w and sepia photos throughout.

Stefan's 31st Floor Perch Small Cool Contest
5/22/13 12:37 PM

Agree with the other commenters. It's nice but in a contest about the use of small space, I wish I could've gotten more of a sense of how you used the space rather than seeing 4 shots of the living/dining space and one close-up vignette shot.

Stefan's 31st Floor Perch Small Cool Contest
5/21/13 06:46 PM

Hi Jason: After looking at the floorplan, I have a few questions: The floorplan says there is a bedroom as well as two sleeping lofts. I'm wondering what you currently use the bedroom and the 2nd sleeping loft for, if you don't mind sharing. Such a great place.

Jason's Luxe Factor Small Cool Contest
5/17/13 12:03 PM

Love this. I agree with RK: Wish there was a photo of the bedroom instead of the photo of the chair.

Jason's Luxe Factor Small Cool Contest
5/17/13 11:51 AM

Very cool. Love the storage staircase and the fireplace. And really enjoyed your account of how you designed, made, inherited or found your pieces.

Daniel's Square Footage Challenged Small Cool Contest
5/16/13 07:18 PM

Looks nice from what I can see of it. I'm just having a hard time getting a sense of how you used the space as a whole and the flow of your space because most of the photos are closer-up angles or of vignettes.

Michael's Smart Choices Small Cool Contest
5/16/13 07:07 PM

Beautifully done. That white "bookcase" wallpaper by the dining table is such a great idea.

Stephanie's Best Year Yet Small Cool Contest
5/16/13 12:44 PM

Nice! I like the clean-lined, uncluttered feel with the pops of color and textural interest. Way to go on working with that '70s vibe but making it modern rather than kitschy.

Brendan's Retro Vibe Small Cool Contest
5/16/13 12:38 PM

The architectural features in this abode are really lovely and you've complemented them nicely. Question: I see in your floorplan that your home has a stove and sink but is there also a refrigerator somewhere?

Emily's Brownstone Studio Small Cool Contest
5/16/13 12:28 PM

Although this is too cluttered for my taste, I like that it has warmth and personality. The "drawing room" is charming.

Katie's Eccentric Charm Small Cool Contest
5/15/13 12:36 PM