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I tried to post a picture of it, but I am a thirty year old who can hardly work computers sometimes. Funny, cause I'm kinda Anyhow. I have a really boring little hallway in my apartment and I took two old paned that I "found" in the basement of my building, screwed some eye hooks into the back of them and hung them from the ceiling with twine with about eight or ten inches of room. Then I rested some cheap christmas lights on them so the light shines nicely through the old glass. Even though I'm sure half the people that read this will think christmas lights are tacky and old hat, it actually "spruced" the little space up nicely. It is probably some sort of fire hazard I'm sure, but its worth it since I now think of it as the "make-out hallway". Girls just fawn over it.

How To Make Boring White Hallway Come to Life?
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3/30/12 11:01 PM