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You could add adhesive tile stickers to the blacksplash. They come in patterns and peel off. Or maybe use double-sided tape to add wall tile as a backsplash? I assume you could cut it to size. Depending on your budget, I wonder whether you could temporarily replace the cabinet doors using the existing hinges. Then you'd just be down to the drawers.

Ways To Pull This Rental Kitchen Together?
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4/5/12 02:55 PM

I came home a few weeks ago to find clear signs that someone had tried to break in. One of the steps I took to make the place more secure was to put screws in the upper track of the sliding glass door. This gets rid of the extra space so that no one can lift if up to unhook the lock, which is remarkably easy. (If you try lifting the handle upward or putting a flathead screwdriver under the frame you'll see what I mean.) This may be common knowledge but since I learned it relatively recently I thought I'd pass it along.

What to Do When Theft Hits Home
3/29/12 02:10 PM