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Just wondering, why aren't the Brits hyper-sensitive about the Union Jack? It's all over decor (hello, Smeg fridge, pillowcases, ottomans, etc.) and no one gets their panties in a twist.

Flag Day: Americana From Our House Tours American Style
6/19/14 10:33 PM

Pretty sure the bed is from IKEA.

Is the sofa from there as well?

Oliver & Sherrie's Mini Bronx Loft House Tour
12/18/13 12:32 PM

Sure, OPP (other people's paint/plaid/plastic plants) aren't that relevant, but the three L's are where it's at: LOCATION, LIGHT & LAYOUT

5 Things Not To Worry About While House Hunting (and One Unexpected Thing You Probably Should)
11/20/13 01:54 PM

The lead photo is from Kristy's Tropical Tudor house tour:

To Try This Weekend:
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11/3/13 09:26 AM

As the saying goes - you buy cheap, you buy twice. I followed Julian Tomchin's advice from this article where he debunks thread-count myths ("Once you get beyond 400 threads per square inch, be suspicious.") and gives some great sheet buying advice:

The Best Basics: Good, Cheap Sheet Sets
8/20/13 02:03 PM

It's Fern Dell, not "Fear Dell." As for skill level, I suppose it depends on your definition of easy - everyone I know "feels the burn" on that trail.

Do you mean Runyon Canyon?

Get Out of the Car: 4 Great LA Hiking Trails to Try
8/6/13 04:33 PM

Agreed, this is all stuff, no house.

Laura and Andrew's HOME Gallery House Tour
7/10/13 03:42 PM

True that the more stuff makes staying tidy difficult, but is that causation or correlation? Are people who are inclined to be tidy less likely to buy too much or do people buy less to help them stay tidy?

As for #2-3: my very good friend lives in pigsty (it's one pile shy of Hoarders) and her kids, now 12 & 14, never had the TV as babysitter - they did one family movie night per week - and she's not on Facebook/Pinterest/etc.

Dirty Little Secrets of Tidy Families
6/18/13 02:24 PM

It's interesting that we have a Federal Flag Code for Old Glory, but the Union Jack (and flags of Jamaican, Brazilian plus many other nations) is on pillows, ottomans, fridges, chairs, etc.

Michele and Ryan's New Beginning House Tour
6/7/13 01:02 PM

Body and hand soaps, but I still can't bring myself to splurge on Aesop. 17oz hand soap for $37...goodness. I'm sticking with Lush for the splurge for now.

Budgeting without Boredom: Small Splurges
6/6/13 12:50 PM

These are cool, but how much weight can they handle?

DIY Ideas: 5 Wood Media Console Projects
6/5/13 07:23 PM

What a great use of space!

NYC's "Children Can't Fly" is one of the most successful public health campaigns in US history. No doubt there are window guards.

Maxwell & Ursula's Light Rental Reno: The Cabinets Renovation Diary
5/20/13 04:06 PM

Here's a hilarious Feng Shui article from last week's NY Times:

10 No-Fail Decor Tricks & Tips for
Small Spaces

5/17/13 02:49 PM

I've never met a cat owner who announces, "My home smells like cat butt and I'm proud of it!" Nope, every last one claims otherwise. Meanwhile, the funk is like the force, always with them (it's not just the house that can be malodorous...).

That said, many of those commenting seem to have worked out the issue -especially where there's a daily plan involved - bravo!

Tips for Living in a Small Space with Pets (aka: Don't Be the \"Smelly House Friend\")
5/17/13 12:07 AM

Staging definitely comes down to the price point. Most properties could benefit from a deep clean plus storage, a dumpster, &/or selling/donating "stuff." Edit + delete = a better ROI than a stager for properties under $500K. That said, an hour with a professional "rearranger" would be a great service, if such a thing exists.

Five Things I Learned About Real Estate From Reality TV
5/15/13 01:33 PM

WOWZA! The whole vibe is sweet, especially that kitchen.

Kyle's Cottage in the City House Tour
5/15/13 01:20 PM

This isn't "popping up," it's a common & traditional practice that may or may not have to do with space limitations. Plenty of people share a room - or bed, for that matter - with their infant because they want to, not because they have to.

Decor Tips for Sharing the Master Bedroom with Baby
5/15/13 01:15 PM

This is very cool!
Umm, to state the obvious, prison systems based on retribution and punishment don't reduce crime. See: the US prison industrial complex.

Freedom Room: Prisoners Help Design a Better Small Space Good
4/26/13 08:37 PM

Most places I've stayed in Europe and Africa don't use shower curtains or any kind of partition. Sometimes the rooms stay dry, sometimes they don't. I remember wishing I'd brought a hook with me on my first trip through Europe, but I've packed one ever since.

As for this bathroom - gorgeous!

Before & After:
Mandy's Handsome Bath Reno Canadian House & Home

4/24/13 04:27 PM

@vancouver1's awesome camping kitchen suggestions are a reminder that I need to complete my earthquake kit.

When my mom has ob/gyn patients who are homeless (living on the street, in shelters or in a car), she suggests peanut butter, tuna, crackers, Carnation instant breakfast w/ milk, and dried fruits. When the patients are living in motel rooms, there are lots of other options with a thermos, kettle, etc., but then it's about access, cost & time. She's always looking for more possibilities and I plan to share these suggestions. Thanks, y'all!

Ideas for Real Meals I Can Make in a Hotel Room? Good Questions
4/10/13 01:16 PM