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Also, A Cat in Paris might be a little too scary for younger children. I would say 7+

Movie Nights: Foreign Movies for Children
5/23/13 10:27 AM

A Town Called Panic is a very very funny movie. And even though it's in subtitles my non-reading son still enjoys the animation and hilarious antics.

Movie Nights: Foreign Movies for Children
5/23/13 10:26 AM

I also would like to see the rabbit tea cozy.

Nursery Decor Fit for Kim & Kanye
3/28/13 10:22 AM

I also would like to see the rabbit tea cozy.

Nursery Decor Fit for Kim & Kanye
3/28/13 10:22 AM

What a bunch of assholes. This post is about design. It's about how some people are totally hilarious in what they desire for their space. I logged in JUST so I could tell you all how silly you sound.

Nursery Decor Fit for Kim & Kanye
3/28/13 10:20 AM

I can't even believe how creepy and amazing this room is. I... just adore it. I want that giant Virgin Mary so badly. SO great

Kim's Antiques Sanctuary Bedroom My Bedroom Retreat Contest
3/28/13 10:03 AM

Why would you bring up Detroit? You sound very silly.

Also, am I the only one who thought the kid in picture one was actually part of the wall?

Cool stuff.

Daring Decor: Graffiti Walls
3/28/13 09:58 AM

I'm so making this when the Supreme Court rules in favor of marriage equality this summer.

Celebrate! A Step-By-Step Rainbow Sprinkle Cake Tutorial The Cake Blog
3/28/13 09:31 AM

Christ, right? Animals and happiness piss me off too.

Trend Watch: Foxes, Owls & Hedgehogs, Oh My!
2/27/13 02:59 PM

Cards Against Humanity is the most fun ever.

Games: Good Fun or a Party Foul?
2/7/13 05:03 PM

On a different note... look at the rocker!! Way awesome.

Wallpaper...On the Ceiling? Project Nursery
6/10/12 03:15 PM

I'll be getting my dad a bunch of meat. Classy meat. Wrapped in nice butcher's paper.

Father's Day Gifts for the Brand New Dad
6/7/12 09:58 PM

jesus christ. sorry apartment therapy. now you guys are the assholes for posting a funny picture.

no one here is going to change the opinion of anyone else here. you're all just getting off on your horror stories and medical knowledge.

Baby Sleep Positions How To Be A Dad
4/25/12 08:01 AM

great idea!!!

IKEA Expedit as LEGO Playhouse IKEA Hackers
4/18/12 11:55 PM

I could have sworn the whole, "this isn't home design" nonsense has been addressed multiple times before? Aren't the coloring books lovely? Aren't unconventional and not made of Disney princesses or Marvel comic book heroes? Aren't they creative AND aesthetically pleasing? This is the "family" side of the blog. It includes family things. Just like the kitchen involves food and not just appliances. Relax!

20 Coloring Books Off the Beaten Path
4/2/12 08:47 AM

"Then again, I don't really care about my kids" lol

IKEA Bekvam Stool as a Table & ChairBabyramen
3/28/12 07:53 PM