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I don't need you to educate me on what DESIGN is. And actually I don't need you to educate me on what is GREEN/NOT GREEN. I make my choices and I take responsibility for keeping myself informed. I am sure that there will be a snappy retort... but I won't be here to read it.

Pappelina's Plastic Woven Rugs
6/28/07 08:31 AM

I understand that many of us are trying to be more green but the primary focus is DESIGN.

That said... I am not crazy about these rugs. They would add a bit of color out on a balcony or patio.

Pappelina's Plastic Woven Rugs
6/28/07 06:25 AM

Spritz all’ Aperol. I found this youtube video showing preparation( but I swear that the true Venetian version uses prosecco instead of *or* in addition to soda water.

Franny's Rhubarb and Aperol Cocktail
6/20/07 06:00 AM

Meg B. if you find a good stone repair person please post the contact info. I am in the market for one as well!

Open Thread 63
6/20/07 05:51 AM

Its is from the PAX line? If so then you can purchase different doors. For a quick & cheap fix I like the curtain idea.

Good Questions: Who Can Tame This Monster Armoire?
6/19/07 12:49 PM

A bendy straw would work better... bend up the end so it doesn't get encased in ice. This will prevent your lip being frozen by the straw (think tongue-frozen-to-the-flag-pole like in A Christmas Story).

Icy Straws
6/15/07 11:49 AM

I would suggest a lime wash. Lime has a beautiful porous soft finish which is healthier for brick vs paint or *cringe* sealant.

Brick is porous but mortar needs to be more porous to prevent brick from failing. You don't want existing moisture to get trapped in the wall... over time this can cause brick spall.

Good Questions: How To Whitewash My Brick Wall?
6/13/07 07:57 AM

These have been around for years and you can find them cheaper than through DWR. I was skeptical but now I have a FLOCK of them. I give them as gifts. My grandmother talks to hers (and she is completely sane). They are weird and wonderful but sadly not green. But neither is my yogurt cup.

Songbirds by Tsutomu Suzuki for Takara
6/12/07 09:56 AM

We went with a highly rated roofer that we found on Angie's List. The roofing project has been a nightmare so far and the roofing company has acted in a borderline criminal manner. This is a cautionary tale... even an Angie's List recommendation isn't a guarantee that you will get good service.

Angie's List
6/11/07 12:49 PM

Please leave it be and sell it if you don't love it. I am sure it will find a good home.

Good Questions: How Can I Modernize This Cabinet?
5/30/07 02:36 PM

I have toyed with the idea of buying the same glasses. I love them (especially the red and orange)

Pol's Potten Blossom Glasses
4/16/07 11:25 AM

Wow, in the past I had a really similar reoccurring dream. I don't think I have had it since I bought my place. I wonder why it went away?

Good Questions: Does Anyone Have This Dream?
4/13/07 06:35 AM

Don't forget the Ikea Sultan Alsarp. Viewable on the UK and Japan sites but available for purchase here!

Be warned Ikea links rarely work...

Built-in Storage Beds: A Roundup
4/13/07 06:26 AM

I recently read about a store that was giving a discount on low- fume paint to pregnant women. Can anyone tell me where this might be? I can't remember where I saw it. Thanks!

Open Thread 53
4/9/07 05:25 AM

It is available at Compact Impact!

Plus Minus Zero Humidifier
4/5/07 01:37 PM

May I suggest that the reason there are so few Midwest entries is that generally speaking apartments are larger in the Midwest. Most of the Chicago apartments I have lived in (minus a tiny studio on E. Erie) have been more than 650 square feet. Perhaps regional differences in apartment architecture should be considered for future contests?

Small Cool 2007: Midwest Entries Wanted!
4/3/07 07:14 PM

They send the extras to the crate and barrel outlet stores... I am aware of two, one on Clybourn and one in Naperville

Good Questions: Discontinued from CB2?
3/27/07 03:00 PM