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I just finished removing all the cat hair that tends to stay on my 100% cotton bedding. It's dark AND light - so you can only see it on the dark material, however, it's really all over the place and about every 2-3 days I have to get the hair off this expensive bedding.

I was wondering if there was a product on the market that I could spray my bedding with so that the hairs don't adhere to the fabric. Unless I get shiny bedding (which I don't want), the hair tends to stick to most fabrics!

By the time I'm finished getting the hair off, I accumulate a handful of cat hairs from 2 long-haired cats. They are too spoiled to stay off the bed at this point! I'm hoping there is some kind of spray (or something) that would prevent the hair from sticking onto the fabric like this.

Anyone know?

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2/13/13 10:39 PM

I'm reposting my previous post. I bought a nice-looking red area rug from Pier One that looks great in my office. It sheds strings of red all over the place, especially around the perimeter of the rug. So, I'm constantly on my hands & knees picking the strings up like I do with cat fur.

It sheds mostly by the border so I was wondering if I could put "something" around the border of the rug to prevent shedding there. Anyone know? Thanks.

Help! My Shag Rug Still Sheds!
6/4/12 07:14 AM

I bought a very nice red rug from Pier One. The main problem that I am having with it is that it shed the "strings" mostly around the edges of the rug.

Is there ANYTHING I can put around the border of the rug to prevent it from shedding near it's borders. That's primarily where it sheds. If it sheds in the middle, it's not noticeable and I dont have to bend down and pick up the strings!

Help would be appreciated.

Help! My Shag Rug Still Sheds!
3/28/12 01:47 AM