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you guys read my mind! i need a wooden bath mat for changing out of my wetsuit at the beach. something elevated, earthy, and water proof. i have some redwood 2x6 planks that i am using at the moment. i am going to borrow some of these mat designs to create a solid changing mat.

Create a Zen Bathroom: 10 Wooden Bath Mats
5/13/12 01:42 AM

sausage festival. now i know where adult male gamers work. a total slacker rocker's hide out. where is stephen malkmus? nice job in creating a fun, yet serious work space, fellows.

The Creative Magic of Curiosity Shoppe Tech Tour
5/10/12 01:28 AM

warm beach house feel juxtaposed with bars on the outside. i would feel like a caged canary in that place or martha stewart in jail.

Blythe's Bohemian West Hollywood Cottage House Tour
5/10/12 01:18 AM

downstairs- great couch and shelves, the dining room tables chairs are pretty darn ugly.
upstairs- bit more exciting. love the vanity. hope to steal that idea.
overall, the house needs more of the old rustic reappropriated look in order to give it more cohesiveness. Why not take the feel of the vanity and make that an ongoing theme?

Lastly, something has to happen to the masonite black kitchen cabinets. Isn't that the same glossy balck that we see on entertainment centers?

Erin & Chris' Fantastic Fishtown Fixer Upper
House Tour

5/9/12 02:27 AM

instantly pulled me in. vibrant, colorful, everything was arranged in a visually stimulating way. it had the warm sensibilities of grandma's house with a touch of the eccentric collector. a place like that makes me want to kick off my shoes and eat fresh out-of-the-oven chocolate chip cookies while listening to some warm 45s on the record player. maybe radiohead's "everything is in its right place".

Stacey & John's Crazy Quilt of An Apartment
House Tour

5/8/12 02:35 AM

c'mon cow hide rug? what is this, the 80s? and the apartment was like a gift shop: tight, sterile, well-engineered. put a vase here and here and take a picture. sorry not feeling it, especially for a parisian place. maybe find a french family to profile.

Suzanne & Jeremy's Modern Marais Apartment House Tour
5/8/12 02:23 AM

XIAOSHU2299 is a total salesperson. do your work on craigslist!

6 Simple Changes to Make at Home to Help You Sleep
5/7/12 01:21 AM

good ol' lovemaking before bed always seemed to do the trick...

6 Simple Changes to Make at Home to Help You Sleep
5/7/12 01:19 AM

you seemed to have captured the vastness of the natural surroundings behind the duplex. it is not everyday that we get to see the interior of a house that actually complements nature. the place reminds me of australian homes up in queensland. you always feel connected to the outdoors even while you are inside. my hat is off for pulling it off.

Francisco's Warm Modern Aesthetic House Tour
5/4/12 12:23 AM

reading this article burned 5 calories in 2 minutes.

The Surprise Benefit of Spring Cleaning 
4/30/12 12:09 PM

Nice job! Blend dry chili peppers and warm water and pour it around exposed dirt patches if cats continue to present a problem. Hot paws!

Before & After: A $40 Front Porch Makeover
4/27/12 05:37 PM

great art...love album redux. check out the art of BRIAN WOIDA to see how he uses collge to make album redux. cheers...keep being creative!

Blur: Pantone Paint Swatch Album Art by David Marsh
4/25/12 06:54 PM

love all of the wood and the open feeling the place coveys. no clutter and arbitrary things impacting the space. the other small cool contestants seem to struggle with making their abodes museums for single-white male ikea shoppers.

Sarah & Max's Coffee Cup Rule Small Cool Contest
4/24/12 03:07 AM

Nice video. An alternative would be to let some chickens loose back there and let them clean-up the place while fertilizing it with the strongest animal manure known to man. Then make seed balls based on Mananobu Fukuoka, and thrown them in the garden.

Check out Faircompanies.com for more ideas. Happy growing!

Time Lapse Garden Turnover Video
4/19/12 05:28 PM

Take out the old tiles and replace them with some post-modern tiles. Take your time to find a good match for your cabinets and lighting.

Concrete Kitchen Floor Info & Insights? Good Questions
4/10/12 01:09 AM

Cool, looks like an Urban Outfitters photo shoot. What exactly do these guys do for a living?

A Creative Collective In Atwater Village Workspace Tour
4/5/12 02:32 AM

Although you have sprayed and applied diatomaceous earth to you apartment, be aware that bed bugs are known to climb up to ceiling and drop on their unknowing victims. This may be the case in your situation because you are still being bit even after surrounding yourself with spray and DE.

I hope that you move out.

Bed Bugs: An Update From The Trenches
3/30/12 08:29 PM