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It's 2008, we live in New York, and this sounds a little bit too low-tech, a little too trust based, a little weird. We almost never do anything that doesn't involve a big-name chain: bank at Bank of America, eat at McDonalds, shop at Ikea. This guy only a web site behind him might make you nervous.

But if you lived in a more perfect world, you wouldn't think twice about something like this: When you needed a car you'd call your neighbor, ask him to pick some stuff up for you (or ask him to drive you to the store), tell him you'd give him the money when he brings the stuff to your house. He'd come, he'd be friendly, you'd give him a little money for his troubles, and he'd leave. This is what would happen.

And this is what did happen. The absolute only thing unexpected about our transaction was that Eric was much nicer than he needed to be. Because this isn't his only/main job, he doesn't have that "I hate doing this but I have no choice" attitude that many of us wear at work.

Our total was cheaper than we expected. We thought certain things were only available at Paramus (higher taxes), but he double checked and went to Elizabeth (lower taxes). Something was on sale. I guess the receipt was there, but honestly I wouldn't have noticed if he had just told me that the total was the [higher] total that I was expecting to hear. Next time, Eric, you should try that.

! Recommended.


Apartment Therapy New York | IKEA Pickup Delivery by Eric
5/24/08 12:35 PM