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DIY Large-Scale Shower Curtain Artwork 6th Street Design School
7/24/14 03:23 PM


SOCIETY6 NOW HAS SHOWER CURTAINS (and they're pretty affordable)


DIY Large-Scale Shower Curtain Artwork 6th Street Design School
7/24/14 03:22 PM

That stove looks newer, I would not replace it. Its a space saver model made for tiny kitchens and they are NOT cheap. Your refrigerator looks like it needs updated for efficiency reasons though "scratch and dent" models are a good option if you're trying to pinch a few pennies.

What Can I Do with $2000 to Update This Kitchen? Good Questions
7/22/14 10:52 AM

Remove soffit and install new upper cabinets to ceiling, countertops & backspalsh, new refrigerator, lighting, faucet. Paint walls and existing base cabinets. Done.

What Can I Do with $2000 to Update This Kitchen? Good Questions
7/22/14 08:36 AM

Rethinking this... something like the STOLMEN system from Ikea might suffice?

How To Attach Wall Shelves Without Drilling Into Walls? Good Questions
7/16/14 12:19 PM

It would help to know what you plan to put on the shelves... What is it you are trying to accomplish with wall shelves that doesn't make sense with a floor standing unit? Are you displaying your feather collection or are you a book hoarder?

Most substantial wall shelf systems reduce the usable floor space directly below them. Unless your wall space is at a premium (judging by the pictures I don't imagine it is) I don't understand the logic of using a floating system over a free standing system.

P.S. the typical '"no holes in the walls" clause is included every generic lease document. *Note: Nearly everything is negotiable. IF you have this clause stated in a lease you're about to sign and you must hang stuff on the walls, negotiate. Discuss with the landlord and offer to write an agreement for hanging things on walls but upon leaving professional repairs will be made to restore back to the move in condition.

How To Attach Wall Shelves Without Drilling Into Walls? Good Questions
7/16/14 08:38 AM


I lived in a 500 sq foot apartment for 4 years without a convenient washer/dryer option until about 8 months prior to moving. The closest Laundromat was about 3 miles away and wasn't a pleasant place to visit, especially after dark. After my girlfriend moved in we started looking for a bigger apartment but the laundry situation was still out of control and we needed something to get us by for those 8 months until the lease was up. After a ton of research I found out about compact washer/dryer combos but they were way out of my budget for a temporary solution (over $1000 new) Knowing I had a powerful tool in my pocket I used the Craigslist mobile app and set up an alert for the key words, that way if someone posted something relating to a "compact" or "portable washer/dryer combo" my phone would tell me! A few posts popped up here and there but still the prices were too high or someone wanted to sell a unit for parts because the unit didn't work-I've read that it's common for the older units to have issues and it can be hard to get parts because a lot of them are European. Anyhow, I finally found a gently used one, I think I paid $120. It was a Splendide brand and worked great! Sure, it only held a few pairs of pants per load but it wasn't expensive to run and I could wash whatever, whenever. Even with a 500 sq ft apartment I was able to make it work in my tiny kitchen, under a prep table. Just hooked it up to the sink when I wanted to use it and used an indoor dryer exhaust attachment. It was easy to use and after the wash cycle was finished it automatically switched to the dryer. When we found a new apartment I listed it back on Craigslist for $400 or $500 and it sold within a week. I highly recommend keeping your eye out for one!

Our Best Tips for Living Without a Washing Machine
7/15/14 02:04 PM

Adding more lights will certainly help, even if its just 2 or 3 more. The bulbs in the original are SILVER TIPPED, you can find them at your local Lowes/Home Depot. They will create indirect light as appose to direct light and cut the harshness of the exposed bulbs you've used.

Help Me Improve My DIY of This Light? Good Questions
6/18/14 09:04 AM

Abandoned Historic House Purchased for $1 Design News
6/6/14 01:04 PM

He must work at Home Depot...

Reader Regrets: Jake's Short-Order Door
4/15/14 12:22 PM

!!!NOT LAMINATE!!! they're veneer... Don't be foolish, make a profit, sell them to someone who will cherish them. Easily $200-$300 each on CL. $500 retail

Would You Paint These Vintage Laminate Pieces? Good Questions
4/10/14 12:38 PM

Paint it with chalkboard paint? Certainly someone has already suggested that

Best Way to Disguise Ugly Kitchen Electric Panel? Good Questions
4/8/14 12:16 PM


How Can I Make Tiny Entryway More Inviting? Good Questions
3/27/14 12:18 PM


Turn a Washing Machine Drum Into a Backyard Fire Pit in Just 1 Hour for $10 House & Fig
3/11/14 12:10 PM


What To Do With Bare Wall Next to TV? Good Questions
3/11/14 12:09 PM

I have these Alen+Roth wall lamps from Lowes for $45. Affordable, good quality and they look great.

DIY Lighting Project: How To Make a Swing Arm Wall Sconce Apartment Therapy Tutorials
3/7/14 02:14 PM

Staples and Office Max are the best for large format black and white prints. A few bucks to print something like this on their plotter.

Buy or DIY: Large Framed Octopus Triptych
2/17/14 12:51 PM

Yeah, what? Hinges?

Before & After: A Dowdy Dresser Gets Hawaii-Ready
2/14/14 12:19 PM

I forgot to mention - Painting the cabinets can be time consuming and extremely labor intensive so if you don't plan to stay there long I wouldn't advise it... you have a lot of them.

Also, Flor tiles are not inexpensive...

Ideas for Refreshing a Rental Kitchen on a Budget? Good Questions
2/14/14 08:33 AM

#1 Declutter - Remove underutilized items from countertops and refrigerator.
#2 Lighting - Swap the overhead for something nicer, brighter, with multiple units for spot lighting specific areas of the kitchen.
#3 Hardware - Swap dated hardware for modern, clean, hardware.
#4 Flooring - Add an accent rug, its easy and will add a much needed pop of color and texture.

Spend the money, you can always take lighting, hardware and rugs with you when/if you move.

Paint if your landlord permits.

Ideas for Refreshing a Rental Kitchen on a Budget? Good Questions
2/14/14 08:30 AM