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We already had a bunch of stuff from living on our own, but it was mostly crap and worn out. Registering (and receiving) upgraded stuff was so great! Make sure to go through your linens and your kitchen stuff. These are the things you'll use for years. And those gadgets and tools you have always wanted but never want to spend your own cash on? Perfect for a registry. We registered for a big set of tools, which some people thought was weird, but it's great to have our tool set fleshed out. We also asked for a couple of board games and it's so fun to see who gives those to you because you'll want to invite them over to try out your gift.

Last, we did get carried away on a few things. Make sure you actually want and will use the stuff you register for. The Keurig we got is fantastic, but Husband is the one who insisted on it and he's never used it. Husband also registered for a deep fryer (without me knowing!) and I'm glad we didn't get it. I don't need an excuse to deep fry everything. We already had china from a family member, but it's a ridiculous and out-dated thing to register for unless you actually throw dinner parties. Ours is packed away somewhere and who knows if we'll EVER use it. I guess use a combination of practical thinking and some fun.

Wedding Wish List: What's Your Best Registry Advice?
4/6/12 04:58 PM

I hate all things sports, but my husband loves it. We agreed that he could put whatever sports-related stuff he wanted in the office, but that's it. When we moved, we each were able to have our own bathroom. Holy sports explosion. But I know it makes him happy and I get the rest of the apartment to decorate nicely, so I don't mind.

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3/27/12 03:02 PM