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I agree with the first poster - this "study" has plenty of limitations. But if there is some validity to the results, I'm glad I sleep on the right -- I'll take higher income over being cheery and upbeat anyday.

Could You Be Sleeping on the Wrong Side of the Bed? Daily Mail
3/27/12 02:55 PM

Yes, I have a wonderful Kingsdown box spring and mattress set. I can't stand platform beds, I feel like an elevated bed is more luxurious and I like to feel like a queen in my high bed. Plus its easier to get in and out of bed, and I'm high above any spiders or other creepy crawlies that might be on the floor in the middle of the night.
But even if you have a low or platform bed, a boxspring is great for your back/sleep quality and extends the life of your mattress longer than slats.

Do You Own a Box Spring? Reader Survey
3/27/12 02:46 PM