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I was thinking the same thing - this is supposed to be small? Yes, the tips are fitting but it would have even more pop if this were a tiny bedroom. Beautiful room, tho! I do love the colors.

Small Space Lessons from a John Pawson-Designed Yacht Bedroom
4/2/12 05:49 PM

There is a housing development being built on the lot across the street. It's a tiny lot, no wider than a standard suburban block - I believe they're squeezing in 15 detached condos. At any rate, they've been tearing up the surrounding roads to work on the sewer lines (I presume?) which means days and days of jackhammers, the big concrete vacuum truck thing and such. The back-up alarms on the large backhoes, etc they use to dig up the lot are grating after awhile. Thankfully, they don't start before 8am and are done by 4pm. I have a 1 year old so I'm up at 7am anyway. I'm extremely sensitive to noise so this has been - and will be - a lesson in choosing to live with the noise. I'm trying - operative word! - to focus on the one shining positive: my son still takes his naps and sleeps through it all. I love our apartment and it would take a lot to make us move. One thing I've found helpful is the ear muffs like they use for hunting, etc. When the little one is sleeping, I'll prop the monitor nearby so I can see if he's crying and put those bad boys on - almost no noise penetrates these ear muffs.

None of this is helpful for sleeping. :) I agree with the previous commenter about making friends with the workers - catching flies with honey or whatever that saying is. At the very least, they'll know someone is paying attention so they'd better follow the sound ordinances.

Sleeping Through Construction Noise...Sort Of
3/27/12 01:08 PM

Kid O is a phenomenal brand. The make that Bilibo (sp?) thingy that can be a stool or a chair or a spinner toy or anything one can imagine! My son, now 18 mos, received two of their Go Cars for his first birthday and they are still his favorite toys. They're streamlined, simple and solid - perfect for his age. We added to the collection the Tip Truck (I think that's the name) and it is the same style as the car, except the bed of the truck tips back. It's wonderful to see him play with these toys, ones that don't make noise! :)

Montessori At Home Roundup
3/26/12 12:42 PM