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What about doing a built in bench with storage with artwork above it? It's practical - gives you a place to keep beach towels or flip flops so you can just run out the door. Also it's a great place to put on your shoes - wait for folks to finish getting ready... etc.

We have one in our home and it just makes heading out the door a little easier, plus it looks great!

How To Decorate Stair Nook? Good Questions
3/27/12 10:31 AM

i don't have a default grocery list exactly... but I do have a grocery list that is basically just a checklist - I have all the stuff that I typically buy there, as well as stuff I just buy sometimes... or for special occasions. It's a double sided list broken down into categories so that items found together in the same-ish aisle are grouped together.

Then before I head out the door, I check off the the things I need! And during the week if I run out of something - I pull it out and check that off too.

it's a big help!

Time-Saving, Money-Saving Tip: Create a Default Grocery List
3/27/12 10:27 AM

For those looking for using for the heels of bread - or even leftover stale bread - break it into chunks and freeze it - next time you are cooking a roast chicken or turkeyplace the bread chunks on the bottom of the roasting pan, allong with carrots, onions, celery (if you wish) and as the bird cooks the juices run into the bread... this keeps the birds off the base of the pan to stop it from possibly getting too crisp or oily... the added bonus is that those bits of bread are now like deliciousness little dumplings!! So yummy!

Waste Not! Five Delicious Uses for Common Kitchen Scraps
3/26/12 09:25 AM