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Yes, inspiring apartment and inspiring lifestyle - loved every little thing. And also loved the way the photographer tracked us around the apartment so we could dwell on each special feature and got a good feel for the way the apartment and studio work. Thank you both.

Isobel's Inspiring Apartment + Work Space House Tour
9/6/12 03:44 PM


The Poketo Store Store Profile
7/5/12 02:45 AM

Warm, welcoming, friendly, colourful, quirky. Says come in & kick off our shoes. Loved every photo & feel inspired. Chandeliers aren't my hting but loved the stencilled version.

Robin & Clay's Whimsical Capitol Hill Home House Tour
5/2/12 06:46 AM

This burned me up so much I had to register to comment - your first apartment as an adult & the very first thing you're going to do as an adult is bludge off your parents! Ask for what you want!!!!!???? When did you say you were going to grow up and how old will you be then?
Your parents must love you so obviously you have some wonderful characteristics, including probably a sharp eye for the things to ask for - you are lucky in your parents too
I know you appreciate it a little because you are going to all the effort of making one cooked meal for your generous parents who may have scraped and saved pennies for years for things you thoughtlessly demand. Maybe you have a brother too and have to get in and get the best stuff before he does.
And after all they won't need as much furniture in the old folk's home so you're doing them a kindness in advance and helping them de-clutter, aren't you? Think about it, please.

How To Have an Adult Apartment on a Budget
3/24/12 08:46 PM