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I recommend trying to leave the trunk as it is. What you could do to really set it off would be create a vignette on top of it in corresponding/ complementary colors. When you have an item like that with a lovely vintage feel, you want to try to maintain some of it's genuine aesthetic. Work with what you have!

How To Update This Old Trunk? Good Questions
1/24/14 06:13 PM

I love a good post from West Virginia! The Mountain State is too often overlooked.

A Salvaged Window Dream Home, Built for Optimal Sunset Watching Inhabitat
1/6/14 05:50 PM

It's awesome to see West Virginia represented on here! I love my state, and I think this is awesome.

Richwood CreationsStore Profile
8/1/13 03:43 PM

I collect Mid-Century modern furniture and minimalistic art, which I guess is pretty typical on here --but not at my high school. I also collect rocks.

What Do You Indulge in Collecting?
9/18/12 05:17 PM

That's a great example of classic design. I don't really see something like that going out of style. So nostalgic...

A Child's Room with a Chinoiserie Twist Roommarks
8/10/12 10:25 PM

I don't know. This doesn't seem too bad, really. I mean, ladders aren't scary, why should this be?

Sculptural (and Slightly Scary!) Small Space Steel Staircase by Francesco Librizzi
8/8/12 10:14 AM

You guys really killed it with the manipulation of the clock/calendar. Very silly. :D This is awesome.

Introducing Our New Video Series
Apartment Therapy Videos

5/14/12 03:14 PM

I can't wait! This looks super cool!

Introducing John Gleeson Connolly, Maker
Maker Videos

5/14/12 03:10 PM

And I'm glad I'm cool enough not to troll.

^ see what I did there? Funny, right?

Anyways, I like this idea.

Love Letter to a Built-In Kitchen Table
5/10/12 04:21 PM

When it rains though, wouldn't the downspout clog up? I feel like this could be a good way to anger a landlord.

No Yard? No Problem: Gutter Gardening
5/9/12 03:33 PM

I think this is some sort of health risk too. Considering that having a phone in such close proxitmity to your body is actually a cause of some forms of cancer, placing the pocket near such a... sensitive area... looks to me as it could be somewhat dangerous. (not that anyone cares about health risks from their smart phones.)

JoeyBra Holds and Hides Your Cell Phone
4/30/12 09:12 PM

Ok, so... basically, when I finally go to college and I can have my own little piece of home, I want this. (even though I couldn't afford it on a ramen budget.) EXCELLENT work. A+ if you ask me.

Matt's Well Curated Collection Small Cool Contest
4/20/12 05:29 PM

You had me at character.... :D The flying saucer prints are especially amazing.

Liz & Paul's Strong Character Small Cool Contest
4/18/12 08:05 PM

This isn't exactly typical, but I like it! However, I'd have a hard time sitting down for dinner with a beady-eyed hide of a gargantuan feline peeking up at me from the tabletop...

Alexis' Cabinet of Curiosities Small Cool Contest
4/18/12 06:13 PM

I love the natural aesthetic. The in contrast with the minimalistic lines of the piece is very applaudable.

Three-Piece Chair by Riva 1920 I Saloni 2012
4/18/12 05:34 PM

They slightly resemble upholstered Saarinen chairs on rotating bases.

Catifa Chairs by Arper I Saloni 2012
4/17/12 12:03 PM

My art teacher is painting trees like that on the walls of her living room. If only I wasn't in high school.... *swoon*

Emily's Underdog Story Small Cool Contest
4/16/12 05:28 PM

Cool to see Music City represented!

Carly's Money Making Decorating Small Cool Contest
4/15/12 01:22 PM

Is that a dog/cat bed in the vintage suitcase? :O *swoon*

Kathryn's Lucky Location Small Cool Contest
4/10/12 05:49 PM

Cool sunflower painting in the dining area! Nice place.

Luisa's 'All Mine' Abode Small Cool Contest
4/4/12 07:18 PM