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A second recommendation for Meteor Lights in SF and online. They are great.

Lampshade to Go with My Vintage Lamp Base? Good Questions
4/7/14 02:15 PM

Oh no. I much prefer the Before.

Before & After: Hardwood Floors Reach a New Plane
3/24/14 04:24 PM

Isn't the pan you are shown enameled? Why would that need seasoning?

How To Clean & Season Cast Iron Skillets for Food Sensitivities Apartment Therapy Tutorials
2/25/14 04:11 PM

fyi you still cannot use one of these during winter Spare the Air days in the SF Bay Area. We are installing a gas insert instead:


Pleasant Hearth Pellet Stove - 35,000 BTU
2/19/14 01:39 PM

Also their maraschino liquor makes awesome cocktails like the Aviation (you can skip the creme de violet):


Luxardo Maraschino Cherries
2/19/14 01:37 PM

Akay: Yes, the "slimy" thing! My husband and I have both tried panna cotta at various fancy restaurants and don't like it.

How To Make Panna Cotta Cooking Lessons from The Kitchn
2/12/14 12:53 PM

Definitely Marmoleum! Got get a bunch of samples and try them with your awesome tile.

What Material Should I Install for My Kitchen Floor? Good Questions
2/11/14 06:13 PM

But getting two sinks in a "true double vanity" around 50" wide would not give you much more counter space anyway. Numbers 3 and 5 above actually have a good bit of flat surface area--plenty for us, at least. And, we did not have the budget for sinks plus countertop/cabinet, and needed to redo the rotting only bathroom before moving in. Our bathroom is also narrow so the wall-mounted solutions gives more foot space.

Shopping Guide: Double Sinks for Every Bathroom (and Every Budget)
12/18/13 12:43 PM

The Duravit in photo 5 can also be wall-mounted without the pedestals. It was the big splurge in our bathroom remodel and has been great for a family of 4 sharing one bathroom. The ledge at back gives us plenty of surface for soap, toothbrushes etc. Number 3 looks like it might even have more "counter" space and is 3 inches shorter. But I have to say, I love the high lip/backsplash on the Duravit. One year of using it with two little kids, and we have no crud/mold issues where the sink meets the wall.

Shopping Guide: Double Sinks for Every Bathroom (and Every Budget)
12/16/13 04:16 PM

What Bapplebeet said. The fragrance alone in that stuff is toxic.

The Hair Detangler by Paul Mitchell
11/18/13 02:26 PM

Both are toxic! Do a little research on the ingredients.

Scent Style: The Diffuser vs. The Candle
10/24/13 12:58 PM

Love it! Can you tell us what tub that is? We need a narrow one and yours looks narrow.

Katie's \"Rainbow\" Room Room for Color Contest
9/25/13 05:07 PM

Also did you see this?

You need a purple sink like that green one.

How Can I Make this Purple & Green Bathroom More Tolerable? Good Questions
9/20/13 07:11 PM

Try Bay Area salvage yards for an original pedestal sink that better matches the tub!

How Can I Make this Purple & Green Bathroom More Tolerable? Good Questions
9/20/13 03:42 PM

Have you considered Richlite or Paperstone? Both come in black. The great thing (aside from being recycled) is that they cut and sand like wood, so you don't need a fabricator. We had NO budget when we needed to replace the counter holding our cooktop. I found nice and inexpensive quartz remnants but the fabrication cost even for one small piece was crazy. Then I found a Richlite remnant and our contractor cut/installed it himself. He'd never worked with it before, either. Sealing it is optional; we didn't bother, and it has held up great.

Christine and Pierre's Kitchen: The End is in Sight... or Is It? Renovation Diary
9/19/13 06:19 PM

I like those but it looks like the tray and stand are sold separately, each for $132, so total for a table is $264.

Tablo Tray Table by Magnus Löfgren
8/7/13 12:44 PM

Clearly there are different ideas of what "eat-in kitchen" means: the only eating table in the house, a small breakfast table (with dining table elsewhere), or a counter you can eat at. So that makes this post sort of pointless.

Anyway, we have both a breakfast nook and a dining room, typical of the 1920s-40s houses in our neighborhood. In ours the nook is separated by a counter, but that change was made by a previous owner. Most of our neighbor's houses actually have the nook separated by a wall with an open archway (the shape of which matches the larger archway separating living from dining room--some are rounded, some are pointed, some are angled). These are not super large houses, but I guess the eating spaces were important back then. Our "formal" dining room does have to serve as our office as well, but luckily it's a big enough room to have two separate spaces, one to each side of the open archway.

Having an eating area in the kitchen is great for a family with kids and two full-time working parents. For weekday breakfasts and dinners one of us is usually sitting down with the kids to start eating while the other one finishes getting the whole dinner on the table.

The Hottest Old New Kitchen Design Trend Elle Decor
5/30/13 07:38 PM

Here's what we did: Cut all the rails off our Ikea Gulliver cribs to make little platform beds with no head/footboards. After sawing we sanded everything smooth. Then, to keep the mattress from sliding around, we drilled new holes on the toddler conversion rail to raise that up, and added a piece of wood to the head and foot of bed.

Originally we did this because our twins were/are wild and after we converted the cribs to toddler beds by removing the front rail we were sure one of them was going to lose an eye running into the corners. Side benefit was extended use of costly non-toxic mattresses/bedding. Our kids slept in the little beds til age 5-1/2 (daughter could've gone longer but son was getting too tall, and you know you can't get one twin his big-kid bed and not get the other twin hers!).

How To Make a Simple Princess Bed Apartment Therapy Tutorials
5/28/13 04:52 PM

I followed the link but didn't see this over there. Anyone know how the pegs are attached to the wall?

Shaker Style, Super Sized : Peg Wall!
5/10/12 06:50 PM

This is beautiful. What's the source for the white kitchen cabinets?

Francisco's Warm Modern Aesthetic House Tour
5/3/12 03:31 PM