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Doing this today. I just use a microfiber cloth if they are dusty. For the grimy baseboards, get the cloth a little wet. Works like a charm.

Weekend Wipe Down: 6 Easy (& Some Weird) Ways to Clean Baseboards
4/5/14 03:18 PM

I love this! So much. One of the best I've seen.

Hope and Pete's Bohemian Modern Abode House Tour
4/5/14 12:38 PM

The floors! We are renting and the landlord do not redo the floors (as promised) before we moved in. The lesson is to not move in before the place is absolutely perfect because they Rent getting redone now.

I have tried lots of solutions and techniques but there is years of ground in dirt in the hardwood. Nasty.

What's an Annoying Thing About Your Home?
3/30/14 05:30 PM