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I'm kinda surprised that none of these are by Corbett, they've produced some interesting fixtures this year. The bubble chandelier is cute.

7 Lights for an Organic Modern Look Decor Style Source List
6/15/12 08:59 PM

In the past, I have been highly skeptical of wooden countertops and islands. Lately however, I have increasingly found myself attracted to designs like this because, as the previous commenter said, it's inviting. I really like all the chalk in the corner of the kitchen too, children love chalkboards and it comes in handy for things like shopping and errand lists.

Jeanine's Warm, Woody Kitchen Kitchen Spotlight
5/30/12 08:32 PM

I really like the color and wood they chose for their kitchen, it really works with the house. Looking at the other pictures on the listing, they did a great job with the rest of the house with beautiful hardwood floors and a white-painted brick fireplace in the living room.

Rachel & Alex's Urban Homestead with Hounds, Chicken, & Handmade KitchenKitchen Tour
5/23/12 12:07 PM

I've always liked black/white tile floors. It's not just classic, but it's also timeless and so easy to coordinate with. The third picture fits into my style and how I would like to use b&w tiles, plus gotta love the rafters and wood-block-island-top.

That last kitchen is quite something, would like to see some more pics from that house.

Designing Around Black & White Checkerboard Kitchen Floors
5/18/12 06:23 PM

Ah I love roof decks. This is beautiful, I haven't done half of what she's done with her deck as I have with the backyard! I am going to have to step it up.

Leah & Matt's Enviable Rooftop Oasis Outdoor Space Spotlight
5/4/12 03:35 PM

Yeah this is definitely oriented more towards homeowners who have a wine cellar, certainly this could not be part of a regular room.

Standalone Wine Room from StratoEuroCucina 2012
4/27/12 03:29 PM

I must say, I am converted. I used to dislike toaster ovens but they have grown on me as they are more useful than a regular toaster and quicker than a full sized oven.

That being said however... they cannot be left unattended! They are a fire hazard. Almost every toaster oven I have seen in someones kitchen has smoke stains on/around it.

The Toaster Oven in the Solo Kitchen Cooking for One
4/11/12 08:58 PM

@Anne PCK: That's right! I'm glad somebody mentioned that even though my home is far from perfect in the Feng Shui world.

Looking at the floor plan however, I don't see many viable alternatives. I suppose that in this case, the residents will just have to deal with sad lurking spirits coming into their bed while they sleep.

Dan'l's Caretaker's Apartment Small Cool Contest
4/9/12 02:43 PM

I love that footstool. Really am curious to know the counters and cabinets manufacturer also! I live in SoCal and am looking to renovate soon

Alison's Beautiful Modern Kitchen Kitchen Tour
4/4/12 12:26 PM

what a great place, i'd love to see what the rest of it looks like.

A Skyscraper Kitchen Loft in Los Angeles Kitchen Spotlight
4/2/12 06:17 PM

a nice open kitchen. i like the red fence outside. i wonder what part of LA they live in

An Open, Airy Kitchen Kitchen Spotlight
4/2/12 06:15 PM

Cute. the problem with my kitchen isn't so much the size, but rather its incompetency. Far too little counter space and nowhere to expand! I often resort to putting mixing bowls on top of the refrigerator when juggling multiple dishes.

How to Entertain in a Teeny-Tiny French Kitchen
4/2/12 04:06 PM

oh that is a really cool bright counter. goes great with the white bricks and industrial-esque rafters.

A 'Simple Block of Color' Kitchen in Bratislava Dwell
4/2/12 04:02 PM

that small bedroom is twice as big as my land-anchored bedroom!

Small Space Lessons from a John Pawson-Designed Yacht Bedroom
4/2/12 03:54 PM

i really like the idea of tracklighting like CBreynolds suggests, and of painting the doors like Lyonstill says.

it might be kinda cool if you paint the wall heating unit a fun bright color.

How To Make Boring White Hallway Come to Life?
Good Questions

3/30/12 07:07 PM

interesting. it must have been such a different world to them, living such a restrictive and conservative lifestyle. it's no wonder that the religion died out, it was unpleasant and reproducing was theoretically impossible.

Simple Sleep: Shaker-Style Bedrooms
3/30/12 06:46 PM

Oh God it sounds just awful. I know what you mean about not feeling like you're living there and being uncomfortable sleeping there. My apartment had a cockroach infestation and I thought that it was over and done with but one morning I woke up to a particularly large cockroach walking along the wall next to my bed. I was traumatized into pesticide-bombing the apartment and evacuating to my boyfriends place for a week.

Bed Bugs: An Update From The Trenches
3/30/12 01:58 PM

@username26 haha! You're right! I totally misread. That makes a lot more sense. In fact, I like the idea of a bench in my bedroom

Bedroom Benches: Sit & Store
3/28/12 06:20 PM

Interesting. I've never considered putting a bench in my bathroom, not that i could find one to fit since mine is rather awkward and would feel crowded. i guess i just feel that bathrooms are rather purpose-oriented and i can't see myself doing anything other than standing at the sink, washing in the bath/shower or relieving myself.

Bedroom Benches: Sit & Store
3/28/12 02:51 PM

I would love to plant a tree this year! I'm trying to determine what would be a good native tree for a large sunny backyard in Southern California. Definitely something with a decent canopy that will create shade but preferably doesn't drop rotting fruit or dead leaves all over the place... Any suggestions?

Arbor Day: 5 Things to Consider When Planting A Tree The Gardenist
3/26/12 04:06 PM