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Perhaps making kids do chores will help them become more independent, but as some other posters have pointed out, even if you have never done chores before, if need be, you will pick up those skills. I think more importantly, making kids do chores teaches them how to be considerate to other people - dirty dishes don't just disappear when you leave them on the table or in the sink, the trash stinks unless someone takes it out of the house, and when you make a mess in the drawer while looking for something, you make it harder for the next person who comes along to find whatever he needs, and he will probably have to pack up after you. Someone actually has to do those things, and it's not an easy job, so kids should help out, especially if they have no hired help in the house.

A "Dependency Dilemma": Will More Chores Help Kids Develop Independence?
3/20/12 07:25 AM