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When I was a kid my brother and I were expected to do things like set the table for dinner, clear our plates ect. Cleaning our rooms, however, was not a battle my single mother wanted to deal with. So the rule became if your room is a mess, shut the door and don't expect mom to help when you can't find your uniform or homework or you have no clean laundry. And my room was a mess, for a while.

However as I got older I came to realize that living in a state of constant clutter and disorganization was more stressful. So I figured out how to keep my room clean, to dust, to vacuum, do laundry ect. Now that I'm on my own I maintain a very high standard of cleanliness (hell I even fold my underwear).

Just because kids don't have chores doesn't mean they are destined to be irresponsible slobs that expect to get waited on hand and foot. Chores can help, but also, as a parent I feel like there are times when you need to pick your battles and if clean rooms or perfectly folded towels are not something you feel like fighting over, don't. Your kid will eventually figure it out.

A "Dependency Dilemma": Will More Chores Help Kids Develop Independence?
3/19/12 09:10 PM