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I wish it wasn't true, but I move almost every single year. I have lived in other states, other cities other towns. I move closer to work, closer to public transportation, closer to my budget. I move because I don't like what I have, because i like what I see and because I am bored with my surroundings. i never fix what I have--I don't even paint. Two years ago, my husband and I moved into a small college town so I could go to school in a program I didn't even get to apply to (my Dad got sick). The apartment I loved for being tiny and charming and wonderfully weird (the kitchen is so much a part of the living room you can't help but talk to the cook, and we are across the street from where the Derby Girls play in town) quickly began to grate on my husband. He got a new job, and has the farthest possible commute from it. The closest grocery is Walmart. And the on-site-only-for-us management turned out to be the deadbeat Dad of maintenance--we now have a roach infestation to rival most entemologists. A year ago, I talked my husband into a re-marriage to our apartment: break the move-every-year cycle, and put the moving money into the problems we have. Paint, fix, repair ourselves, and make management take responsibility for the apartments around us, so the bug problem will really get fixed once and for all.

I wish this story had a happy ending . . . I was gone for nearly a year while my Dad passed away slowly, from cancer. And my husband really really tried--he hung things on the wall, moved the furniture, purged our storage, and really got us as good as we could be on our own without spending any money at all. But we still share our apartment with a constantly evolving infestation and we just can't take it anymore.

We will have lived here for three years . . . it's the longest I have lived anywhere since I left my childhood home. And yet, I can say nothing good about my time here. My husband can't remember why I loved this place so much, and hardly trusts me to choose the next place. It was absolutely PERFECT for us, when we found it. i stopped looking immediately. I wanted to stay here for the 5-10 years it would take to do grad school. Instead, I find myself preparing to re-apply, and moving, and grieving, and struggling with the bugs here all at once. Sometimes, we move because it's in our blood to move. But we must always remember: the paint job is always fresher, and the carpet newly laid, but that doesn't mean the next apartment won't have the same number of problems the old one had. Just new, and shiny.

When Do You Know It's Time to Move?
3/19/12 10:36 AM