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Love 'em, had them in our last house so when we bought the new one and gutted the 70s kitchen, we got shelves from the Container Store. So I've lived with them going on 8 yrs now. I don't get the grease concern. I cook every day and I've never noticed a grease film- and there are definitely items stored on the shelves that don't see regular use, like the Kitchen Aid and my grandma's cookie jars. I think it all comes down to the vent hood. Yes my collection of white serving platters has some cat hair on them, but so do the platters in the china cabinet. I just wash them before I use them, same as with the platters in the china cabinet,

Open Shelving: Love It or Hate It?
11/25/13 02:49 PM

For the better part of 20 yrs, my mom made a Thanksgiving turkey that we all hated (including my mom) because she was determined to be American. And every yr she would spend the next several weeks trying to sneak turkey in to random dishes trying to get rid of it. She finally gave up, made the ham we all asked for and Thanksgiving has been pleasant ever since. If you insist on making a dish you know no one wants, be prepared for epic leftovers. Besides, can you recall any specific Christmas or Thanksgiving meal that really stands out after all these yrs? The holidays are memorable for family and traditions (like the kids getting to say grace and always having kimchi and grandma Helen's cranberry sauce) not because 1 yr we had a spectacular prime rib.

How Can I Make Thanksgiving Special When My Family Hates Turkey? Good Questions
11/11/13 08:07 PM

Ssam is Korean!

Help Me Find a Main Dish for an Asian-Themed Dinner Party Good Questions
8/23/13 11:18 PM

Just FYI, ssam is Korean food.

Help Me Find a Main Dish for an Asian-Themed Dinner Party Good Questions
8/23/13 10:22 AM

Ssam is mom's go to dinner party food. She usually serves bulgogi and also puts out fried tofu (cut extra firm tofu into strips, press out as much water as possible, fry until golden brown). After frying the tofu, she either tosses it with a mix of soy sauce, rice wine vinegar and TOASTED (definitely not raw) sesame seeds or serves it on the side.

Help Me Find a Main Dish for an Asian-Themed Dinner Party Good Questions
8/23/13 10:20 AM

Our dogs. They both snore really, really loud but when we visit the inlaws and the dogs sleep downstairs instead of in the room with us, I cannot stay asleep. Ditto with everytime we go on vacation.

What's Your Can't Live Without Item for a Good Night's Sleep? Reader Survey
3/30/12 01:01 PM

I am a pretty big fan of Malabar spinach. Not only does it have tiny, tiny cluster of white flowers, dark green and red leaves, it grows like crazy in the heat of summer AND the leaves taste like spinach when cooked. But definitely not when eaten raw. Here in ATX where it gets up to 110 with 90% humidity and a drought, ours grew up the poles of our pergola and all the way across to the other side. And it will never get out of hand since it does not fair well in the cold and dies at the first hint of a freeze. Just save a couple seeds, plant again after the last freeze of the spring and away they go.

On The Hunt For The Perfect Climbing Vine
3/19/12 10:17 AM