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We have a 1940 Magic Chef Country Stove that was converted from propane to natural gas sometime before we bought our house (and the stove!) in 1990. It is fabulous for everyday cooking. The only drawback, as pointed out by other commenters, is the oven size -- fine for roasting a chicken, but not big enough to make a Thanksgiving turkey (I bought a countertop roaster for that once in a blue moon event). We've never had to have it repaired or serviced. But we did have a local couple who specialize in the service and sale of vintage stoves out to look at it and they said it would continue to serve us well for many, many more years.

Not to mention it fits in perfectly with our 1938 home's cottage style.

Style Inspiration: Vintage Stoves
2/3/12 11:09 AM

it looks like shopping inside an AT house tour! perfection!

Apartment Therapy New York | Kill Devil Hill: Vintage Housewares
9/17/08 11:35 AM

i agree wholeheartedly...visually stunning. the wallpaper in speed's bedroom! the faceted glass in the entryway to the racer home! the mikasa-esque breakfast set in the picture above! all fantastic.

a bit like the discussion last week about the movie "p.s. i love you." an eye candy treat if you can overlook the weak story. still both movies worth it just for the scene dressing.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Inspiration Overload: I Love Speed Racer!
5/27/08 10:17 AM

this is a fabulous store and they have a nearby warehouse/store that is completed devoted to mid century furniture.

as a matter of fact, my mother's day present, a lane "acclaim" coffee table and two matching side tables, came from TFAs.

if you visit, don't overlook the basement. they have an amazing amount of vintage bark cloth and children's games.

Apartment Therapy Chicago | Keeping Things Together: The Future Antiques in St. Louis
5/23/08 11:39 AM